Games For Sale in Saskatoon (Updated)

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Games For Sale in Saskatoon (Updated)
« on: June 14, 2022, 02:11:51 PM »
Star Trek: The Game
Vintage 1992 board/trivia game. Has been opened & played once. Asking $20 obo.

Batman: Gotham City Chronicles
Season One All-in pledge, Season Two 5-Player Pack, and Cluemaster, Deacon Blackfire, Etrigan, KGBeast, Reaper, Ventriloquist (Arnold Wesker) & Red Hood miniatures. Opened & punched but never played. Paid approx. $500 for everything. Asking $375 obo.

Blood Rage
Includes base game, the Broken Token organizer, Mystics of Midgard expansion, Gods of Asgard expansion, three of the original Kickstarter exclusive miniatures (Mystic Troll, Mountain Giant, & Fenrir), an upgraded 1st Player marker (same as the one from the Blood Rage Digital Kickstarter campaign, but not painted gold), upgraded plastic clan tokens from the original Kickstarter campaign, and upgraded cardboard player boards, Valhalla sheet, and Age Track. The game was only played twice, and all components are in excellent condition (the Kickstarter miniatures and cardboard player boards are still sealed in original packaging.) The box lid is a tad beat up and has a split corner, however. Asking $225 obo.

Poleconomy: The Game of Canada
Vintage 1983 version. Opened and played a few times, but in excellent, almost new condition. Asking $10 obo.

50th Anniversary Edition from 1985. $10 obo.
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