Magic (Friday - Modern): ComicReaders Downtown: Schedule for October 2021

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Friday Night Magic *Magic: The Gathering*

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The format for FNM at ComicReaders will be Modern.

Play begins for Modern at 6:30pm. We run a maximum of 4 rounds.

FNM Modern starts at 6:30pm
October 1 (Companion App Code: 3VG663)
October 8 (Companion App Code: 66288W)
October 15 (Companion App Code: 53ZPPP)
October 22 (Companion App Code: RG277Q)
October 29 (Companion App Code: QZG44N)

Players are encouraged to use the MTG Companion App to pre-register for an event. This pre-registration holds your spot (up to a point, obviously; meaning don't be late). Players will still need to come to the front desk to complete registration and pay the entry fee upon arrival. The Companion App is also used by players to receive table pairings and report game results.

Store closes to the public at 6pm but stays open for the players until FNM is over.

Masks are mandatory at all times while in the store, including the game room. This means no food. Eating a meal in the back room without a mask is not allowed.

Limit your beverage intact. Straws would be good idea as they allow beverages without the need to remove a mask.

Venue Information: Click Here


Lareina Chan

16 maximum*

*The capacity limit for the game room is 16 people. Priority is given to players.

Covid Related Information
Players are expected to take precautions to protect themselves and staff during the pandemic.
Masks are mandatory as per government restrictions that began on September 17, 2021.
No food.
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