2020 PWYF will be cancelled for this year

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2020 PWYF will be cancelled for this year
« on: August 17, 2020, 12:54:04 PM »
Unfortunately due to the ongoing COVID pandemic we will not be able to hold the event this year. Safety is a priority and trying to hold the event and fundraise will be very challenging.

The PWYF executive has decided to postpone the event until next year. If your team has signed up we will be leaving everything as it is right now, any donations made will be carried over to next year.  This may be an opportunity to raise even more with the extra time - think creative and we can really make an impact next year!

I know most of you know of the ongoing problems at Street Culture - at this time we have begun a dialog with them and will post here once we have all the details.  At this point an investigation has begun and people have been removed from their positions.  We are not going to make a rash decision without getting all the details - the bottom line is we selected them so we could help kids get out of difficult situations and hopefully be able to turn their lives around.

Thanks for your patience, it is a challenging time and we hope you are all well!