PWYF: Historical Record of Funds Raised

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PWYF: Historical Record of Funds Raised
« on: February 28, 2020, 10:44:47 AM »
Here is the historical account of money raised by SaskGames initiatives for our charity initiatives.  The bulk of the fundraising has been through the annual Play with Your Food (PWYF) campaigns, which culminates in a board gaming event.  This event has occurred each October since 2013.  From 2013 through 2019, PWYF is a multi-hour marathon.

In 2019 we will be changing the charity we are raising funds for - we will now be working with Street Culture Project, they do wonderful work with at risk children in the community, check out their web page! Street Culture Project

$26,000.06 - 2019 [Street Culture]
$33,980.00 - 2018 [Souls Harbour]
$33,332.05 - 2017 [Souls Harbour]
$41,623.05 - 2016 [Souls Harbour]
$38,274.51 - 2015 [Souls Harbour]
$25,916.50 - 2014 [Souls Harbour]
$13,682.88 - 2013 [Souls Harbour]

$212,509.05 - Total Funds Raised by SaskGames' Play With Your Food Charity Initiatives

The progenitor to the public event was Matt Robertson's private gaming event called BixCon. Attendants to BixCon are charged an admission fee to cover food and beverages.  Surplus money after expenses and revenue were balanced were donated to Souls Harbour Rescue Mission for both the 2012 ($250.00) and 2013 ($270.14) events under the heading of Play with Your Food.  These monies raised by BixCon are not included in the total above.
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