PWYF... More Than A Gaming Event

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PWYF... More Than A Gaming Event
« on: February 28, 2020, 10:38:57 AM »
PWYF… More than a gaming event.

Have you ever wondered, “Why bother participating in Play with Your Food?”  Well, Play With Your Food is a unique opportunity to combine our passion for board games with supporting our local community.  PWYF is a chance to raise funds for those who are less fortunate than we are; those who are worried about how they’ll support themselves or their families.   We all live, work and play in Regina, and PWYF gives our enthusiastic board gamers an opportunity to have fun while providing assistance and funding to a local organization that helps our city’s most vulnerable members.

It has been said that community involvement is on the decline. In Regina, the United Way has had to decrease funding to several local community organizations.  Many of these organizations provide services to our city’s most vulnerable children, youth and families.  Funding has decreased for services such as shelters for domestic violence victims, food for school lunches, and homes for children unable to be with their parents. SaskGames’ PWYF initiative is more important now than ever!

There has been a move away from physical volunteering and local giving to web-based support. And while web-based giving is a valuable tool, it does not always reach our local families.  It is quick and easy to donate a dollar or two to a friend’s online cause, but with PWYF you can really get involved and support something relevant to where you live.

PWYF is a fun and interactive program that uses our shared passion for board games as a way to help others. It’s great chance to try out new games, play some old favourites and interact with new people. The event is hosted by the recipients of our funds; the venue and meals are provided by Street Culture, and a low-cost canteen is available.  As well, the Play With Your Food committee runs a silent auction of fantastic items.

But, PWYF is more than a gaming event. Some folks believe that there is no point in attending if they can’t stay the whole time.  Others might think that PWYF is not that different from many of the other gaming opportunities that we regularly participate in such as Prairie Game Expo.  The point of PWYF is not whether you can last the entire day, it’s whether you can take a stance for a worthy cause that benefits our local community.  Can you be a part of something bigger than yourself?  The funds raised from PWYF provide real opportunities to people, things that would not exist if the money we raised were to disappear.
Your efforts have an impact; you do make a difference!

So, consider setting up or creating a team.  It really is okay if you can’t last the whole event (don’t worry - we will only make fun of you a little). Every dollar raised goes to our chosen PWYF charity.  This year that charity is Street Culture Project, a not-for-profit organization that provides and supports employment training and housing for Regina’s most vulnerable youth.  To local organizations like Street Culture Project, our dollars can mean a significant improvement in the delivery of services.

Street Culture builds and support strong resilient youth by focusing on 5 key area’s of support; housing, employment and education, mentorship, health and well-being and building safer communities. An extraordinary number of obstacles have been placed in front of these young people, but it is not too late to help them become successful, contributing, happy, independent adults, and valued and connected community members. We are able to provide youth with the resources and support that we all need to develop resiliency and grow into healthy adults.

Some examples of those things we all need that many of the youth we engage are not blessed with are; a safe place to call home, people that care about them and help nurture their potential, someone to help them with homework and get them to work on time. Youth involved in Street Culture often remain involved long after they have ‘aged out of care’ because they feel like Street Culture is their family. This is a testament to the important relationships we are able to facilitate through our many passionate people and effective programs. At the end of the day, happy healthy youth make for safer, stronger and healthier communities for all of us.

So, when you choose to participate in the PWYF event as a participant or a fundraiser supporter, you really are a community hero!   

Go here to register your team today!! Register now!

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?”  Martin Luther King
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