SUBSTITUTE Strategy Saturday - Prairie Spruce Cohousing - December 7, 2019

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Allan Luesink

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Hey everyone,

So I can't do Strategy Saturday in December - the dates and other commitments just don't line up for me. However, Henning has been good enough to "pinch-hit" this month by hosting a games night in my stead. This means that there will be a change of venue (see below). The times will remain the same: 7pm until midnight-ish. Henning is up to feature the game Octopus' Garden by Roberta Taylor of Calgary. This is the first winner of the Canadian Game Design awarded in 2010.

Be sure to note the info below!

Hope you can make it and have a good time,

Prairie Spruce Cohousing
1625 Badham Blvd. (Off broad by the CBC building)
At the enterphone, dial 3022* and Henning will let you in.
Dec 7 7:00pm until close