Yu-Gi-Oh Speed Duel Sneak Peak: ComicReaders Downtown: Sun., Dec 1, 2019

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ComicReaders Downtown is running its first ever Speed Duel Sneak Peak!

Speed Dueling is a newer way to play the Yu‐Gi‐Oh.

The standard rules of Speed Dueling are not too different from regular Duels, the summary of the changes are as follows:
- Each player begins the game with 4000 Life Points
- Each player starts the game with four (4) cards in the starting hand
- The Main Deck size is 20 to 30 cards
- Six (6) cards maximum size in the Extra Deck
- Six (6) cards maximum size in the Side Deck
- Each player has one (1) Skill Card
- Skill Card’s effects do not use the chain
- Extra Deck monsters can be placed in the Main Monster Zone (there are no Extra Monster Zones on the field)

Each player has three (3) Main Monster Zones, three (3) Spell and Trap Zones, one (1) Field Zone, one (1) Extra Deck Zone and a Graveyard (GY).

The first player doesn’t draw on their first turn, the hand size limit is six (6). Both players can have an active Field Spell Card and a maximum of three (3) copies of any card with the same name in the Main Deck, Side Deck, and the Extra Deck.

Each player will have one (1) Skill Card that they place near the Dueling field at the start of the Duel.

There is no Main Phase 2, so remember to set any Spells or Traps you want to use before you enter your Battle Phase!

You can find out more about Speed Dueling here, including an online tutorial on How to Speed Duel:

For the $20 entry fee each players receives the following:

- Ten (10) Speed Duel: Trials of the Kingdom Booster Packs
- One (1) Bonus Card Pack containing nine (9) cards. The contents of the Bonus Card Pack is the same for every Bonus Card Pack and is as follows:
         - Five (5) Common cards to help with Deck Construction and meeting achievements.
         - Four (4) Common Skill Cards.
- One (1) Achievement Card

Participants will receive a Speed Duel Achievement Card that detail the missions the participants need to complete. Once they complete the missions they will turn in their achievement cardsto receive the Ultra Rare Skill Card, Terror from the Deep, used by Mako Tsunami!

There is no tournament for the Speed Duel Sneak Peak. It is an Open Play event.

Two playmats will be given out as random prizes.


Sunday, December 1, 2019

Venue Information: Click Here


Chad Boudreau

This event supports a maximum of 16 players.

Entry fee is $20 (taxes included).
Each player receives 10 packs of Trials of the Kingdom; 1 bonus card pack; 1 achievement card
There is no tournament. The event is open play.
If a player completes their achievement card, give them a Terror from the Deep promo card.
There are two playmats. Give both out as random prizes to people who took part in the Sneak Peak.
Record the players in the Yu-Gi-Oh event reporter.
Please take a minimum of 3 photos of the event, including the playmat winners.
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