ComicReaders Downtown: WarCry Narrative League - Season 1

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ComicReaders Downtown: WarCry Narrative League - Season 1
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Welcome to ComicReaders' WarCry Narrative League - Season 1.

Welcome great warbands! You’ve travelled into the Eight Points seeking artifacts, blood, treasure, and glory! Now is the time to make your mark and embark on your campaign quest to make a name of your warband that will be spoken in the legends to come!


We require a minimum of 4 players for the League.  There is no maximum to the League, but only the Top 8 players will be able to participate in the tournament, with other players being able to participate if someone from the Top 8 cannot participate.

This is a three month League. League play ends on Thursday, January 16, 2020. The Top 8 tournament to wrap the League occurs at Prairie Game Expo on Sunday, January 19, 2020. (Details of the Top 8 tournament will be posted at a later date.)

Games start November 8, 2019.

The description of Narrative play and campaigns is in the WarCry core rulebook on pages 62 - 71. All players should familiarize themselves with this information, with particular attention given to how to develop a Warband roster, track campaign progress, and the aftermath sequences, but here are some general guidelines:

- Each player must choose one faction to play for the campaign.
- Each player must choose one leader to lead their warband throughout the League.
- Each player must have their warband roster campaign sheet filled out with Warband Name, Campaign Quest, Origins, and Leader name. (You do not have to name all fighters, but it is encouraged).
- Players may elect a new leader if their current Leader has been killed (via the injury chart).
- No proxies.

Monsters & Mercenaries Expansion is available to use for this narrative campaign.

Please sign up here


A win earns you 3 battle points, a draw 2 and a loss 1.

There are a number of ways to earn and lose bonus points over the course of the league.
  • Artisan - Any game played with a fully painted Warband without improper substitutes +1 point
  • Neutral Ground  - Played a game at ComicReaders +1 point per game
  • Challenge Accepted – Played a game with your rival for the month + 1 point
  • Fools Rush In - Games played with un-finished miniatures, or improper substitutes  – 1 point per game
  • Idle Hands- A player that does not play a game in a month – Player’s points are reset
  • Herald of Chaos - Players with complaints regarding his or her conduct within the month: Suspension*
*Multiple occurrences of this infraction will result in expulsion from the league and may affect eligibility from future ComicReaders Downtown events.

Prizes are provided by ComicReaders Downtown, details of the prize will be given to the winners of each month. Amount of prizes will be determined by number of entrants each month. All the prizes will be randomly drawn. Number of entries will be determined by a player's number of games. A player may only win one prize each month.

Overall standings only affect entry into the tournament.

The overall winner of the tournament will receive a 3D Printed Dice Holder Tray and Activation Tokens on a faction of their liking made by Khoa Le after the season conclusion.

Thursday all day is guaranteed for space to be free in the store. Players do not have to only play on Thursdays at the store, but the space is made available.

The store is generally not available: Friday nights due to other events in the store and Saturdays due to a large number of other games scheduled. Space might be available on Sunday depending on what else is scheduled. Please call ComicReaders to see if there is any room in the store. Please use the SaskGames Forums ( to find out if there are major events happening in order to help you schedule matches against other players in the League. Go to the League discussion ( to contact other players in the League.

When playing games at the store, be mindful of store hours. Keep in mind how long it takes to set up and clean up a game.  Staff may ask players to leave when it is time to close the store without a time warning.


Each player may only record a maximum of 3 games on their campaign sheet per week. Players are encouraged to play different players.

For every 50 points the player is below their opponent, they will get 1 free destiny die assigned to a friendly fighter in their team and will get 1 glory point.
 - They may not assign a fighter that already have a maximum destiny.
- This free destiny die / dice is lost at the end of the game.

Players that enter in the league after November 25 will gain 10 glory , 1 artifact roll and 3 destiny values they can allocate to separate friendly fighters (you may not stack all destiny on 1 friendly fighter).

Games are no longer required to be played exclusively at ComicReaders, but you get a bonus point if you do play at the store.

A player must play at least one game in a month to keep their points from being reset. This game does not have to be played at the store.

Report wins and losses along with any bonuses via the League discussion.

We no longer require players to fill out the Sportsmanship Criteria cards, but this does not mean we will not be monitoring conduct. Depending on severity of the issue, a suspension may be given out without a warning. Please refer to the general Code of Conduct expected of players:

If you are spectating games, please refrain from helping players with strategy or influencing players’ decisions. If there is a rule error or clarity of a rule is under dispute, if you know the answer, refrain from simply telling the players what the rule is, but instead find evidence in the rulebook.

Sign up here. We will need your first and last name, how you want to be contacted, and what Warband you will be playing.

This League would not be possible without the dedication of Khoa Le and ComicReaders' staff.

Rules are subject to change.
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