Chewsday Challenge - North Albert Boston Pizza - December 17, 2019 (18:30)

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Just the first one.

Sign me up for the networks.

Both plays, or just one?  If just one, which? :)

I take requests. See my collection here.




I didnt realize I had an evening appointment and will not be attending this evening.  This will affect Mission Red Planet and Reef.  So sorry.
Kristy 🙂




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Game Night Recap


Games Played: Horrified, Mission Red Planet, Council of Verona, Paladins of the West Kingdom, Pandemic Legacy, The Networks, Container, Reef, Push and more!


PGX will be on January 19, 2020 which is a Sunday and will run from 9AM - 6PM. Details to follow.

Please note the following December Chewsday Challenge Dates:

- There will be NO Chewsday Challenge on Tuesday, December 24th for Christmas Eve.
    - Chewsday Challenge will occur on Monday December 30th, and NOT on Tuesday December 31st, due to Boston Pizza closing early for New Year's Eve.

See the current lost and found items here:
Lost & Found Thread

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