Chewsday Challenge - North Albert Boston Pizza - November 12, 2019 (18:30)

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  • Name: Parker
I’ll play Wingspan.




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I'm soon sorry.... I thougjt I had posted my learn to play game!!!  I'll be teaching Deadmans Draw!  Also, would do Wingspan if there was a playing after the learn to play at 7:30.




I'm down for some Orleans :D
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  • Name: Mike McCallion
Game Night Recap

ATTENDANCE: 24 (with three newcomers!)

Games Played: Wingspan, Grand Austrian Hotel, Deadman's Draw, Resident Evil 2, Haspelknecht,
Silver & Gold, Terraforming Mars-Colonies, Azul: Sintra, Just One, Powergrid, Takenoko,
Race for the Galaxy, Orleans and more!


Quiet night... no announcements tonight.

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