Dragon Ball Super Tournament: ComicReaders Downtown: Sun. Sept. 8 2019

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ComicReaders Downtown is holding a Dragon Ball Super Card Game Tournament.

The tournament is in the Constructed format, meaning players bring their own pre-built deck, adhering to the following tournament guidelines:

A valid tournament deck contains the following number of cards:
Leader Card: 1 card
Deck: 50 cards
・Decks can contain only Battle Cards and Extra Cards.
・Decks cannot contain more or or less than 50 cards.
・Decks may contain a maximum of four copies of a card with the same card number.

Tournaments are conducted using a swiss draw format.

For the first match, players are paired with each other at random.
For the second match onward, players are paired against players with similar point totals.

- Players may drop out of the tournament midway.
- Players are allowed to drop out following the end of their currently assigned match.
- If a player chooses to drop out, they must inform the tournament organizers of their decision by the end of the current match.
- Players who drop out of a tournament midway are not included in future matchmaking and are not assigned a final placing.
- Players who are late to their assigned match and fail to inform the organizers by the time the match ends may be disqualified from the tournament.

At the end of the tournament the following prizes will be given:

First place: Four tournament packs + one deck case
Second place: Three tournament packs + the remaining deck case
Third place: Two tournament packs

There will be a random draw for one player to receive 1 tournament pack.

Each participant receives one Official Tournament Pack vol. 7.

WE NEED A MINIMUM OF 6 PLAYERS TO RUN THIS EVENT. The event will be cancelled if we do not have 6 players, but players can play casually for no entry fee and no prizes.


September 8

Venue Information: Click Here


Chad Boudreau

No limit on seating for this event.