Cardfight Vanguard Store Challenge: ComicReaders Downtown: Sat., Sept. 28 2019

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Saturday, September 28 at 1pm is the Cardfight Vanguard Store Challenge - Premium at ComicReaders Downtown. A Store Challenge is part of Bushiroad's regional tournament circuit.

There is no entry fee. Players are NOT required to submit a decklist before or upon tournament registration.

Only English cards can be used.

A player must use the same deck throughout the tournament. Switching cards is NOT permitted between games.

Cards from new expansions are legal to use from the expansion's official release date.

This is a Premium format event and as such all decks and play must adhere to the rules of the Premium format.

The tournament will be Best of 1, Swiss, with 25 minutes per round. A total of 3-extra turns will be given to players when time is called. The number of rounds depends on the number of players. For example, with eight players we'd do 3 rounds, above eight 4 rounds, above 16 players is 5 rounds.

Then we cut to Top 8 or Top 4 depending on the number of players. Then the Top 8 or Top 4 play Best of 1, Single Elimination.

All games need to be reported to ComicReaders staff at the end of each game. ComicReaders staff will do pairings, will do the cut to Top 8 or Top 4, etc.

Each participant receives one promo card.

Each participant receives one Cardfight Vanguard Special Fight Pack vol.04.

The winner receives a 2019 Cardfight Vanguard Premium Shop Challenge Champion certificate and a BYE-Card for a regional tournament. (I assume the BYE card is provided later after I report the event results because the store was not given the BYE card.)

ComicReaders Downtown is required to report the tournament to Bushiroad with the following information: The winner's full name; a photo of the winner (the photo will be taken at the event); total number of participants; at least 3 event photos; and then all the store's pertinent information.

And this is perhaps kind of odd, but this is a stated requirement for the Shop Challenge: Playmats are allowed but non-licensed playmats are NOT allowed. Non-licensed playmats, for example, would be if you had your playmat custom made and it featured Cardfight Vanguard characters, logo, etc. If in doubt, don't bring the playmat. This is important because we have to take event photos. The other option would be to remove playmats before we take photos.


Saturday, September 28, 2019
1:00pm start time.

Venue Information: Click Here


Chad Boudreau