Dragon Ball Super Draft Tournament: ComicReaders Downtown: Sun. August 18 2019

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This event has a $30 entry fee.

ComicReaders Downtown is holding a World Martial Arts Tournament Draft Tournament.

For this tournament, each player will receive 6 packs of World Martial Arts Tournament which they will use to build a deck. You cannot use cards from anything other than the booster packs given to you at the event.

Players are broken into pods of 4 players. (If the total number of players is not divisible by 4 then the number of players per pod will vary.)

We need a minimum of 4 players for this event.

This tournament supports a maximum of 16 players.


Each player takes their specified boosters for the draft, and sits in a circle in randomly chosen order. Pods will consist of 4 players per pod.

All players open their boosters and count the number of cards without looking at the card faces. If a booster contains more or less cards than it should, immediately call a judge.

Each player takes a card of their choosing from the booster they opened, and passes the remaining cards face-down to the player to their left.

If a player has not yet taken a Leader Card, when they open/are passed a booster which includes a Leader Card/Cards, they must take one of them. If a player is forced to do so, they are allowed to take an additional non-Leader card from that booster.

A player cannot take a second Leader Card until all players have taken at least one Leader Card.

Repeat the steps until all cards from the first pack have been drafted and then repeat until all cards from all packs have been drafted. However, for the second, fourth, and sixth boosters, players pass the remaining cards to their right instead of their left.

After the draft, players use their cards to construct a 41-card deck with 40 Battle/Extra Cards and a Leader Card.

Players can now play matches with the other players using the deck they just constructed.

Players who were unable to draft a Leader Card during the draft must use a Leader Card obtained from outside the draft. We recommend randomly selecting a Leader Card from the sets used for the draft.

This will be a Swiss-style tournament.

- Each player who takes part in the tournament will receive one Power Booster: World Martial Arts Tournament.
- Top 4 players receive 1 pack of World Martial Arts Tournament + 1 SS Broly Unforeseen Force card.
- Top 2 players receive 2 packs of World Martial Arts Tournament.
- Top player receives 4 packs of World Martial Arts + 1 pack of DBS card sleeves.


Sunday, August 18, 2019


Chad Boudreau

We need a minimum of 4 players for this event.
This tournament supports a maximum of 16 players.

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