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Hey everyone, I just put up the rival pairings.

Month 1 Rivals
Matt L vs Mike R
Anthony R vs David J
Ryan E vs Chad B
Drake C vs Casey S
Mark R vs Chris G
Colin L vs Kyle U
Maeson L is waiting for new recruits to join

Even though we've technically started the league, it's never too late to join! All you have to do is get 2 points to get 1 entry into the monthly draw, and that's really just 1 win or 2 losses not including bonus points.




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  • Name: Matthew
Hello.  I am looking for games starting Wed. Jun.12/19.  Available evenings and weekends.



Anthony Richardson

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  • Name: Anthony Richardson
Anyone interested in a game at 16:30 tomorrow at readers? I am downtown after work anyway and might as well try to get a game in before I battle it out with Kyle at 17:45.




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  • Name: Colin
I'm also looking to get a game in some time in the next week. Anyone available at the store or I have a table




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  • Name: Dave J
Short notice but I am suddenly available today between 10-3 if anyone wants to get in a game.




Colin L as Necrons played Chad B as Tyranids at ComicReaders Downtown on June 20. Colin won. Chad lost. Chad was not painted. Colin was painted.



Prince of Arnheim

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  • Name: Maeson Livingston
Looking for games this Wed and Thurs at the store. Anytime is fine. Done work for the summer!  :music: :excited :aha: PM me on here or text 306-551-2443
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