Chewsday Challenge - North Albert Boston Pizza - May 07, 2019 (18:30)

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Please sign me up for Gold West please. Thanks!




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  • Name: Carlos
Please sign me up for Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done.  I'll be there at 6:30 as well if anyone wants to post or bring another game to play earlier.





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Please add me to Crusaders. Thanks




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GAME: Android: Netrunner
TEACHER: moment
START TIME: 6:30 pm
DURATION: 90 Minutes
# OF PLAYERS: 2 per match

Android: Netrunner is a one-on-one card game where one player tries to hack into a corporation to steal their secret agendas, while the other player tries to defend their corporation from the hacker.

1. moment
2. trimmer




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Does anyone own the following games and want to play them sometime in the future?  They are in the Top 100 at Board Game Geek and seem interesting.
I will be bringing Terraforming Mars, just in case,  so not scheduling it.

It might be a bit late to schedule it, but I can bring Power Grid if you're still interested. Failing that, I'll probably be bringing a second game and play it by ear.
Got a request for a game, check out this link right here: I'd be more than glad to bring any of these out to play.




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  • Name: Mike McCallion
Game Night Recap


Games Played:
Hero Realms, Quacks of Quidlenburg, Escape Plan, Keyforge, Sheriff of Nottingham, Gold West, Architects of the West Kingdom, Fresco, Boss Monster, Princes of Florence, Power Grid(US), Power Grid(China), Crusaders: Thy Will Be Done and more!

PGX is this weekend!  A whole day of gaming, Sat. 11 May at Core Richie Arena from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m..

Play With Your Food is scheduled for 26 Oct. 2019 (note the date change).  Register your team now for a chance to win an early bird prize. 

In support of PWYF, there will be a Taco Night fundraiser on Thur. 23 May.  Registered teams may sell tickets for this fundraiser with the profits from each ticket they sell credited to their team!  If you want to sell some tickets, or simply buy a ticket for yourself, contact Janessa Hegel.

Congratulations to the monthly draw winners: Christine Hollingshead (Boston Pizza certificate) and Nicholas Murphy(Comic Readers certificate).

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