ComicReaders Downtown: Dragon Ball Super Sealed Tournament: Sun., March 17 2019

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ComicReaders Downtown is holding a Colossal Warfare Sealed Tournament.

Sealed is a format where multiple players take unopened packs, open them, and make decks out of the cards they get from those packs. Players then play each other with those decks. For this tournament, each player will receive 6 packs of Colossal Warfare which they will use to build a deck. You cannot use cards from anything other than the booster packs given to you at the event.

You play games in this format using a deck made of One Leader card and 40 non-Leader cards. Any cards you do not use to make your deck can be used in your side deck. Leader cards can also be used in your side deck.

Players may exchange cards from their decks with cards in their side decks between games. As long as the number of cards in a player’s main deck remains the same, there are no limits to the number of cards that can be swapped out.

You don’t lose if you run out of cards in your main deck. Simply take the cards in your Drop Area and Warp and shuffle them back into your deck.

Matches consist of a set number of games. The player who wins two games wins the match.

This tournament will be a Swiss-style tournament with the number of rounds determined by the number of players.

We need a minimum of 8 players to run this tournament.

For the first match, players are paired with each other at random.
For the second match onward, players are paired against players with similar point totals.

- Players may drop out of the tournament midway.
- Players are allowed to drop out following the end of their currently assigned match.
- If a player chooses to drop out, they must inform the tournament organizers of their decision by the end of the current match.
- Players who drop out of a tournament midway are not included in future matchmaking and are not assigned a final placing.
- Players who are late to their assigned match and fail to inform the organizers by the time the match ends may be disqualified from the tournament.

- Each player who takes part in the tournament will receive one Power Booster: Colossal Warfare
- Top 4 players receive one Series 4 Super Dash Pack + 1 pack of Colossal Warfare
- Top 2 players receive a package of Dragon Ball Super Card Game card sleeves + 2 packs of Colossal Warfare
- Top player receives 4 packs of Colossal Warfare + Piccolo Jr. Evil Reborn


Sunday, March 17, 2019

12:30pm start time.

Venue Information: Click Here


Chad Boudreau

We need at least 8 people to run this event.
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