2019 PWYF - Registration Instructions

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2019 PWYF - Registration Instructions
« on: February 28, 2019, 12:55:55 PM »
:excited Play With Your Food is back for its seventh wondrous year!   :excited

24 Hours of Board Gaming: Saturday Oct 26 at 9:00AM to Sunday, October 27 at 9:00AM
Trinity Lutheran Church - 1909 Ottawa St

Play With Your Food is a 24-hour celebration of board gaming that raises funds for Street Culture Project of Regina, Saskatchewan.

Street Culture Project is a Regina based non-profit charitable organization that actively works to empower vulnerable youth within the community. We utilize social entrepreneurship, positive role-modeling, community resources, positive social activities, education-based programming and life-skills training to enable youth to be the change they wish to see within their own lives.

Street Culture focuses on empowering the community through promoting positive self-image, self-confidence, and skills development in the lives of our youth. We have witnessed youth achieve great success in employment, education and in reestablishing cultural roots, which has led to more positive lifestyles and communities.

Please watch the shared video to see a success story from Street Culture
Thomas' story

24 hours of fun for gamers of all ages and interests will run from Saturday October 26th at 9:00AM until Sunday October 27th at 9:00AM.  Play With Your Food culminates in this mega-day of gaming but the fundraising initiatives thrive throughout the year.  Participants solicit donations and hold a wide variety of enjoyable events, tournaments, raffles and more in the months leading up to the event.

There will be a limit of 120 participants for the Play With Your Food event but everyone is encouraged to participate in the fundraising events that will happen throughout the year!

Registration Instructions

Participants in the Play With Your Food pre-register as teams from 1 to 6 members.  To pre-register your team for the event, fill out the short survey HERE.  This survey should only be filled out once per team by the team captain/designate. 

Following the survey, each participant must also pay a $25 registration fee by making a donation HERE. Please provide your name and your team’s name as a personal message with your donation so that we can easily track your registration.  (Please include the names of all the persons you are paying for if you are paying more than one registration fee.)

A team is not considered fully registered for the event until all its participants have paid the $25 registration fee.  Each team will be given an online donation page once registration is completed.

Once you are registered, we encourage all participants to follow our Play With Your Food Facebook page for event updates, fundraising opportunities, announcements, and more!

Fundraising Goals

Each team is given a minimum fundraising target depending on the number of people in a team (1-6).  Teams must achieve at least this minimum to participate in the event.   The minimum fundraising targets are as follows:

•             Individual: ($25 registration fee) + $75 minimum funds raised
•             Team of two: ($25 registration fee x 2) + $150 minimum funds raised
•             Team of three: ($25 registration fee x 3) + $225 minimum funds raised
•             Team of four: ($25 registration fee x 4) + $300 minimum funds raised
•             Team of five: ($25 registration fee x 5) + $375 minimum funds raised
•             Team of six: ($25 registration fee x 6) + $450 minimum funds raised 

If you wish to have a team of 7 or more participants, your team must first meet the minimum fundraising target for a team of 6.  You will then be allowed to add additional members to your team (which will also increase your minimum fundraising goal by $75 per additional member).  If you want to add team members, send an email to playwithyourfoodinitiative@gmail.com or send me a private message at this site.

Remember, these are just the minimum fundraising requirements -- we challenge teams to set far loftier goals than that!

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