Chewsday Challenge - North Albert Boston Pizza - January 29, 2019 (18:30)

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Re: Chewsday Challenge - North Albert Boston Pizza - January 29, 2019 (18:30)
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Game Night Recap


Games Played: Powergrid, Endeavor: Age of Sails, Worlds Fair 1893, Wits & Wagers, Azul, Potion Explosion, Honshu, Carcassonne: Amazonas, Battlesheep, Lords of Vegas, Orleans, Quadropolis, Android: Netrunner, Dinosaur Island, , and more!

- Meeting for SaskGames volunteers on Mon. Feb 11th at Boston Pizza; check the Volunteers section of the Forum pages for details

- Team 7 Wonders is hosting an Ultimate Werewolf Legacy event as a Play With Your Food fundraiser.  Sessions will be on Tuesdays at Boston Pizza from February 19 - March 12.  There is a one-time entry fee of $15 for the 4 weeks.
More Info Here

- Next week is Draw Day... be there to win!

See the current lost and found items here:
Lost & Found Thread

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