RFBBL (Regina Flatland Blood Bowl League) Season VII - '19 Season

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Hi everyone,

I am excited for another year of our Blood Bowl League.  This will be our seventh consecutive year!!

Blood Bowl is a tabletop fantasy miniature game.  A brief introduction to the game can be found here:

 If you are interested in joining this year please send me a direct reply (email is best).  If you have never tried the game before that is ok.  We have lots of players who would be willing to teach you the ropes.

Once I compile the names I will provide more details for how the season will work (and yes there could be some changes compared to previous years).

If you know of anyone which may be interested in joining please feel free to forward this note as you wish.

You can find our league website at this address:

Thanks for your time,
Michael Becker
Da Big Green 'Un (League Commissioner)
I wonder if you could be anyone would you be yourself? - yup it's mine..