ComicReaders Downtown - Warhammer 40k Primer League - Season 3

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ComicReaders Downtown - Warhammer 40k Primer League - Season 3
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Welcome to ComicReaders' Warhammer 40k Primer League Season 3. We are using the current ruleset 8th edition.

This league is intended as a warm-up for the Escalation league in January, there will be no pressure to have figures painted, or WYSIWYG for this league as long as your opponent is aware of what the model is supposed to have. This way you can try out new tactics with your army.

All games are to be played using Matched Play and the Organised Events chart (pg 214), games can be played at whatever point value, as agreed upon opponents. Certain point values will generate bonus points. The league will run until December 15th.

You are not restricted to one army, you can play as many armies as you would like, nor are you restricted by needing to keep the same list game to game. Forgeworld units are allowed.

Regarding multi-player games - games played with 2 or more players will count as the total number of points on each side, not per player. Example: 2v2 games of 1000 points per player will count as 2000 point games.

We require a minimum of 8 players for the league.  There is no maximum to the league.

Games will start October 1st, but feel free to play games before that to figure out rules, meet new players, or otherwise.

Please sign up here

A win earns you 2 battle points, a draw 1 and a loss 0

There are a number of ways to earn bonus points over the course of the league.
  • Neutral Ground: Played a game at ComicReaders +1 point per game
  • Game bonuses:
    • 500 - 1000 points: no bonus
    • Kill Team: +0.5 point
    • 1001 - 1500 points: +1 point
    • 1501 – 2000 points:  +2 points
    • 2001+ points:  +3 points
Every 2 points a player obtains in a month will generate one entry into the draw. Entries will not carry over to later months, and a player may only win one prize per month, number of prizes will be dependent on participants.

Thursday all day is guaranteed for space to be free in the store. Players do not have to only play on Thursdays at the store, but the space is made available. Players are responsible to schedule games between other players.

The store is generally not available: Friday nights and Saturdays due to other events in the store. Please call ComicReaders to see if there is any room in the store. Please use the Sask Games Forums ( to find out if there are major events happening in order to help you schedule matches against other players in the league. Go to the League page to help contact other players in the league.

When wanting to play games at the store, be mindful of store hours. Keep in mind how long it takes to set up and clean up a game, an hour or two may not be enough time to play a full game. Staff may ask players to leave when it is time to close the store without a time warning.

All games should be chosen randomly as depicted on page 215, or as agreed upon by each player.

All games over 1000 points are played on 4’x6’ tables.

Games are no longer required to be played exclusively at ComicReaders.

Report wins and losses along with any bonuses to ComicReaders Downtown via email, or sending a message to Lareina (this will yield faster results). Games reported only through the forum thread will not be counted due to message clutter.

You may play multiple games against the same player at different point levels to count for points per month, but only the first game in each point range will count per month.

While this is a casual league, please refer to the general Code of Conduct expected of players:

If you are spectating games, please refrain from helping players with strategy or influencing players’ decisions. If there is a rule error or clarity of a rule is under dispute, if you know the answer, refrain from simply telling the players what the rule is, but instead find evidence in the rulebook or FAQ.

Contact ComicReaders Downtown via email (, phone (779-0900), in-person at the store, or send Lareina a PM, or sign up here. We will need your first and last name, and the preferred way to be contacted (phone number, email address, or the forums)

This League would not be possible without the dedication of ComicReaders' staff.
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