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Games for Sale/Trade
« on: September 12, 2018, 03:03:40 PM »
All titles are now gone. Thanks to those who simply inquired, purchased outright, or let me twist their arm to finalize a trade.

Here's another small batch of games for sale or for trade. If possible, I do prefer trading, and if you have an interest in that as well, it's best to send me a small list of games that you would be willing to swap for any titles you would like. That said, a cash deal is always welcome too.

The following lists the games, any relevant particulars, and a BGG link. Send me a PM or post here if interested, and thanks for looking!

Secret Tijuana Deathmatch - $5 (two copies available)
Sold / Traded
Martian Dice - $10
Wind & Wetter (Wind & Weather) - $15 (sealed mint, German import with English rules included) Traded

Starfall - $15  Traded

Mystic War - $10  Sold

Robot X - $10 Reserved

Dice Bazaar - $15 (mint in shrinkwrap)

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