Star Wars Imperial Assault Tournament - Thursday, August 30th

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Star Wars Imperial Assault Tournament - Thursday, August 30th
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Star Wars Imperial Assault Tournament

- Format: 3 swiss rounds (depending on attendance), 60 minutes per round
Required components: Imperial Assault Core Box
- Prize support: Q3 2017 Kit
- Maps: We will try and use the current map rotation depending on available Jabba's Realm/HOTE tiles, if not we will default to the last official maps that are core only. If you have JR/HOTE expansion tiles, please bring them.

We will follow the standard 40 point list with 15 command cards totalling 15 points. Lets be there a bit before 6 if possible so we can start promptly, if we need to go over Justin can lock up for us as well.

If you have any questions either event or skirmish related feel free to contact me through here or email ( and I'll help you out. I will re post the resource list from the last event posting for reference. Hope to see you all there.

Rule resources:
Please keep in mind that some deployment cards have been changed since release (depending how old your core set is) and the rules have been updated to award points per figure killed instead of having to kill every figure associated with the card for the total cost. These are significant changes that have helped shape the skirmish into a really fun game and are documented below.

The tournament will follow the updated FFG rules and all errata documented here:

Required components: Imperial Assault Core box, but if you have expansions bring the tiles as we will try and play the most current map rotation possible with what we have.

Map rotation: Tarkin Initiative, Uscru Entertainment District and Mos Eisley Back Alleys.

Thursday, August 30th - 6:00 PM

Dragon's Den Games - Saskatoon

$5.00 per player

Evan - or Facebook Group Page: Saskatoon Imperial Assault