Coming to Saskatoon tomorrow for the weekend with games for sale!!

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Hi there,
I am coming from Edmonton to Saskatoon tomorrow for the long weekend, with the following games for sale or trade, followed by my Want list.
Please email me at lakershoww at yahoo dot com if you are interested in anything, or reply below, thanks!
All games MINT!
7 Wonders Duel - $30 - PENDING to Angela
Animals on Board - $10
Carcassonne - $25
Captain Sonar - $50
Covert - $40
Deep Sea Adventure - $20 - PENDING to Ryan
Forbidden Desert - $20
Humpty Dumpty - $20
Joking Hazard - $35
Kahuna - $30
Terraforming Mars - $50
The Godfather: Corleone's Empire - $55 - PENDING to Andrew
The Island of El Dorado - Kickstarter - SEALED - $80
Via Nebula - SEALED - $55
Zooloretto - $40
Lord of the Rings CCG - $600 - I have all the expansions etc from 1-13, I got 19 as well, foiled and some 16R's and all Promos 1-40

Here is what I am looking for:
Alchemists and The Kings Golem Expansion
Baren Park
Broom Service
Century: Eastern Wonders
Dominant Species
Exit The Game - The Forbidden Castle, The Fogotten Island, The Polar Station
Five Tribes Expansions - The Artisans of Naqala, The Thieves of Naqala, Five Tribes: Whims of the Sultan
Gaia Project
Great Western Trail + Rails to the North expansion
Legends of Andor
Lost Cities Card Game
Scythe - base game and/or any expansions etc
Terraforming Mars - Hellas and Elysium Expansion + Venus Next Expansion
Time Stories Expansions - Frères de la Côte
The 7th Continent
Unlock games
Village Port expansion
Viticulture: Moor Visitors Expansion
Viticulture: Aboriculture and Formaggio Expansion
Viticulture: Visit from the Rhine Valley Expansion