Magic (Standard Showdown): ComicReaders Downtown: Thursdays July 26 to Sept 6

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Core 2019 Standard Showdown *Magic: The Gathering*

Thursday Nights will now have Standard Showdown. We need a minimum of 8 to be sanctioned in order to give out the special Standard Showdown packs.

Standard Showdown will work like Friday Night Magic, except it's on Thursday nights, and top players will receive special promo boosters, we have 6 boosters to give out every week, the top 3 players will receive promo boosters as follows:

1st place: 4
2nd place: 3
3rd place: 2

We are currently waiting to see how many packs we will receive for each week.

Players with a winning record will receive packs of the latest Magic release as prizes. We now use a structured payout system as follows.

4 wins will payout 8 packs
3 wins 1 draw will payout 6 packs
3 wins will payout 4 packs
2 wins 1 draw will payout 2 packs
2 wins 1 draw will payout 3 packs (only if there are 3 rounds)
2 wins will payout 2 packs (only if there are 3 rounds)

Alternatively, we are now offering store credit towards MTG singles, for every pack a player wins, they can opt to take $2 per pack as credit instead of receiving packs.

Standard Showdown starts at 6pm
July 26
August 2
August 9
August 16
August 23
August 30
September 6

Store closes to the public at 9pm but stays open for the players until Standard Showdown is over

Venue Information: Click Here


Lareina Chan

No limit on seating for this event.

There is no gaming space available for other games during FNM.
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