Android Netrunner - LCG - "Old & New" Cube Draft Tournament - June 23rd @ 11 AM

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Android Netrunner - Living Card Game - "Old & New" Cube Draft Tournament

What is a Cube Draft?

Cube Drafting is a Netrunner variant where players draft from a predetermined pool of cards made for the purpose of draft play. This pool of cards is called a Cube and contains a minimum of 320 cards per side as well as customized starter cards for each player.

All standard drafting rules apply otherwise. Full rules for Netrunner Draft Play can be found here:

The theme of this event's Cube is "Old & New". It includes cards from the 2 newest
Data Pack cycles (Red Sand, Kitara), as well as cards from the 2 oldest cycles (Genesis, Spin) and the old Netrunner Core Set.

These are the starter cards for this Cube, which can all be found in the Netrunner Revised
Core Set: Runner - Aurora x1, Pipeline x1, Force of Nature x1, Armitage Codebusting x2
Corp - Priority Requisition x3, Private Security Force x3, Hedge Fund x2

We encourage players to bring their own starter cards in the quantities listed above
if able (sleeves will be provided). A limited number of starter cards will be available at the event for players who do not bring their own cards.

Saturday, June 23rd - 11:00 AM

Dragon's Den Games - Saskatoon

$5.00 per player

Justin Gowen -