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Moosomin Board Lords Game Events
Frequently Asked Questions

(1) What types of games are played at our Events
The short answer is all games! Designer Board Games, Wargames, Strategy Games, Card Games, Role playing games are all welcome. 
However there are a few things to consider:
(a) Mature Subject Matter
             Moosomin Board Lords events are family friendly. Games that might offend (ex. Cards Against Humanity, Personally Incorrect) are not suitable for a Regular event. We will consider holding an adults event If there is demand.
      (b) Table Space
             There is limited table space, we can comfortably run two larger tables and can have various configurations with the table space which we have. We ask that larger-sized games be planned ahead so we can accommodate any special requests. Please be considerate when choosing your table area to maximize player density.

(2) Who should attend a game night
People who enjoy playing games and enjoy the social interaction of gathering to play a game. These events encourage all levels of attendees, whether you have been playing board games for years or are just interested in learning more about the hobby. This is a non-competitive, family-friendly environment to come out and play.

(3) Do I have to know how to play a game before joining?
No.  Our game nights are beginner friendly.  Newbies welcome! Even if you play board games often there are bound to be games you have never played before.  Each game has a teacher who will be able to explain the rules.  It is recommended that the game teacher have played the game before.  If not it is a good idea to have done some research into how the game works beforehand to make the experience more enjoyable for everyone.

(4) Does it cost anything to attend?

This is a free event brought to you by Moosomin Board Lords.

(5) Do I have to sign up for a game on the forum?
You do not have to. This is a drop in style event and people come and go as they please picking up a game as they can when they get there. We ask that you post on the forum that you are planning to attend as that helps us with an idea of attendance.  Signing up for a game on the forum helps ensure you get to play the game you want.  It also helps plan out your evening so you can get as much gaming in as you want.  There are usually spur of the moment games that start , if you show up without signing up for a game there is a chance that all the games might be full or in progress and you might have to wait before a new games begins. 

(6) Are there games available to borrow?
Currently there is no lending library at our events.  People bring their own games and you must ask their permission if you want to play it. The weekly ambassador can help you get into a game if you don't have anything scheduled. 

(7) What is an ambassador?
Ambassadors are the people that plan and bring you Moosomin Board Lord events.  They help make game nights inviting to new people.  They will help you get started in a game.  They also run the event so if you have any questions or problems let the ambassador know.

(8) Can I Bring food and snacks to the event while playing?
We ask that you do not eat food on the game area or tables. Consider that you are playing with someones personal copy of a game and they likely don't want grease on their game pieces, or damage from spilled beverages. We usually have designated table space for beverages near the tables during play.  We will have a designated area in the room for snacks and beverages to be consumed during a breaks or in between games.

What: The Moosomin Board Lords series of events is part of an initiative to host a public game night that is welcoming to new members and is a way for people new to board games to experience a beginner friendly atmosphere. An opportunity for people new to designer board games or veterans of the hobby to come out, meet ā€˜nā€™ greet, and play some games.

The venue is also a great place for Wargamers and Strategy Gamers to come out and play a game. There are some titles that are hard to get to the table, let's try to get them the attention they deserve at a game night.

Where: Borderland Co-op Administration Office 906 Windover Ave Moosomin

When: We meet almost every Wednesday evening, if you are interested in attending please post in the thread. 

Who: Anyone interested in playing boardgames. The venue is suitable for many different styles of games: (Wargames, Euro Games, Crokinole, Chess, Go, Scrabble, Backgammon, etc.)

Why: Games are fun!

If you are new to the Moosomin area and new to board games or an avid enthusiast we welcome you!  Board games are a great way to connect with Friends and family, especially in this day and age of electronic distractions.

Every game night, we will have a Game Host on site to teach a game. This is a great way for new players to experience a game in a beginner friendly environment. The Weekly Game will be set up at 6pm and players are urged to be there for 6:30. The feature game will start at 7pm

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