X-Wing Tournament - PGX - Saturday September 23, 2017 (10:00) FREE

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GAME: X-Wing: Star Wars Miniatures - Top Gun Academy 100 Point Tournament
START TIME: 10:00am
DURATION: 6 hours
PLAYERS: 12 player maximum
DETAILS: X-Wing will once again be featured at Prairie Game Expo.  This tournament will follow standard FFG X-Wing tournament rules with some special exceptions.  The player roster limit will be capped at 12 participants.  There will be 4 rounds of swiss played at 75 min. each in length.  We will stop and take a break after the second game for lunch.  To avoid anyone having to sit out in bye rounds, the organizer (Derek) will only play in the tournament if we have an odd number of entrants, otherwise he will organize and run a learn to play station as well.   A prize support kit for the tourney is being donated by ComicReaders Downtown.

This is a 100 point, 6 obstacle dogfight. 

The exceptions to the standard tourney rules are as follows:

Only ships with a base pilot skill of between 1 to 6 are legal to play.  Veteran Instincts and Adaptability EPT cards are legal, but cannot increase a ship's pilot skill to above 6.  Adaptability cannot be used to decrease a pilot skill 7 ship down to 6.  Hyperwave Comm Scanner upgrade cards, Roark Garnet pilot card, and Epsilon Ace pilot cards are all legal for play.

To register for a spot in the tournament please post a reply in this PGX forum.  Pre-registration is not necessary to participate, but there is a limit of 12 players.
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