Adrenaline Tournament

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Adrenaline Tournament
« on: June 05, 2017, 11:57:01 PM »
Adrenaline Tournament
The Dead Meeples Society PWYF fundraising team is hosting a tournament for the game Adrenaline, the Eurogame simulation of a first person shooter…
We will be holding the event at 6:30pm on June 13th and June 20th at Chewsday Challenge, all players play 4 games - 3 preliminary games and one final game.
If you have not played before come 15 minutes early and we'll put you through a quick boot camp.

Game Rules:
Deathmatch: Standard Adrenaline rules, (no variant this time around  :o It would be awesome to do this again using Domination and Turret variants).

Preliminary rounds:
  • All players play 3 preliminary rounds
  • Deathmatch, play to 6 kills
  • End the game with Final Frenzy
  • Time Limited: 60 minutes. If the game is still playing at 60 minutes, then the next kill triggers final frenzy. At 75 minutes the game will end immediately.
  • Normal scoring rules apply.

Playoff Round:
  • All players play one playoff game
  • Deathmatch, play to standard 8 kills
  • End game with Final Frenzy as normal.
  • No time limit
  • Normal scoring rules apply.

Tournament Rules:
  • Players will be randomized for the first game.
  • For each succeeding preliminary round players will be shuffled semi-randomly among the tables.
  • The players will be divided as evenly as possible among the tables.
Preliminary rounds:
1st place: 5 tournament points
2nd place: 4 tournament points
3rd place: 3 tournament points
4th place: 2 tournament points
5th place: 1 tournament point
  • Final tables will also be divided as evenly as possible.
  • The players with the most tournament points from the preliminary rounds will play on the first table, the championship table.
  • The next highest scores on second table, and so on.
  • If there are an uneven number of players, the extra players will be added starting at the first table and moving down.

Tie Breakers:
  • Highest sum of points from all preliminary rounds
  • Highest sum of marks on killshot track from all preliminary rounds
  • Most double kills (two kills in one game round) from all preliminary rounds
  • Most deaths in all preliminary rounds (fortune favours the bold)

The winner of the Championship table will be the winner of the tournament.
Entry Fees
Cash or on our fundraising page:
Custom Modded prop gun - by local modder and team member: Terry Chadwick
Games held at Chewsday Challenge at Boston Pizza North
Tuesday June 13th: two preliminary games
Tuesday June 20th: one preliminary game, one playoff game (playoff game)
First game starts 6:30 both nights
The second game starts right after…
The final games will be the second game on June 20th
Come 15 minutes early (6:15) on June 13th if you haven't played and you want a quick boot camp on how to play.
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