2017 Gaming Challenges

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2017 Gaming Challenges
« on: December 30, 2016, 02:11:36 PM »
Yep, it's that time of the year again.  You can check out last year's ideas and results here for those of you still playing along.

This year I'm going to do a revised version of playing all the un-played games in my collection.  I'm going to start the list with everything that's un-played as of Jan 1, 2017 and then NOT add any acquisitions as the year goes along; I'll track those separately on a different list.  I'll also be tracking all the "new to me" games this year while trying to beat my 129 new plays from this year.  For total plays I'm aiming for 500 again (478 currently with 2 days to go) and for a bit of fun I'm going to do both a 25X5 and an alphabet challenge in 2017.

Lori's List
  • Play the un-played games in my collection (BGG geeklist to follow)
  • Play 150 "new to me" games (BGG geeklist to follow)
  • Log 500 plays in 2017
  • Complete a 25X5 challenge
  • Complete an alphabet challenge

What's everybody else planning for 2017?




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Re: 2017 Gaming Challenges
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2016, 02:12:05 PM »
    Lori's Challenge Log

    Un-played games (BGG link)
    21/38 (55%)

    New to me plays: (BGG link)
    145/150 (95%)

    Log 500 plays:  Complete: Nov 10/17

    25 X 5 Challenge: Complete: Sep 6/17
    1) La Granja: No Siesta
    2) Pyramid Arcade
    3) Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu
    4) Automobiles
    5) Villages of Valeria
    6) Pandemic: Iberia
    7) Santorini
    8) Castles of Mad King Ludwig
    9) Star Realms
    10) Sagrada
    11) Onirim
    12) Can't Stop
    13) Quests of Valeria (thanks, Ryan!)
    14) Happy Salmon
    15) Ice Cool
    16) Patchwork
    17) Terraforming Mars
    18) Oracle of Delphi
    19) Seafall
    20) Tak
    21) Tsuro
    22) The Bloody Inn
    23) Friday
    24) Red7
    25) Codenames:Duet
    26) Fields of Arle
    27) World's Fair: 1893
    28) 7th Continent
    29) Castles of Burgundy: The Card Game
    30) Mechs vs Minions
    31) Nations: The Dice Game
    32) NMBR9
    33) Tokyo Highway
    34) Magic Maze
    35) Clans of Caledonia
    36) Azul
    37) Codenames
    38) Barenpark
    39) Ex Libris
    40) 7 Wonders
    41) Cthulhu Realms

    Alphabet Challenge: Complete: July 2/17
     :scrab-a: Arboretum, Acquire, Automobiles, Android Netrunner, Ancient Terrible Things, Agricola, Agents of SMERSH, Among the Stars: Revival, Airlines Europe, ...and then, we held hands, Animal Upon Animal, Azul, Alea Iacta Est, Anomia, Amerigo
     :scrab-b: Blood Rage, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Big Book of Madness, BUS, The Bloody Inn, Between Two Cities w/Capitals, Broom Service, Barenpark, Bruges, Babylon, Biblios, Baseball Highlights 2045, Burgle Bros
     :scrab-c: Cockroach Poker, Cheating Moth, Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Condottiere, CO2, Colosseum, CV, Cthulhu Realms, Covert, Can't Stop, Codenames: Pictures, Cottage Garden, Concordia, Codenames: Duet, 7th Continent, Castles of Burgundy: Card Game, Captain Sonar, Clans of Caledonia, Century: Golem Edition, Carcassonne, Chicago Express, Clank in Space, Codenames, Churchill
     :scrab-d: Dr. Eureka, Dutch Blitz, Dragonwood, Dice Forge, Discoveries
     :scrab-e: Empire Engine, Empire Builder, Ethnos, Ex Libris, Eminent Domain: Microcosm
     :scrab-f: First Class, Forbidden Island, Friday, Fields of Arle, Flamme Rouge, Fantasy Realms, The Fox in the Forest, For Sale, Fidelitas, Freedom The Underground Railroad
     :scrab-g: Grand Austria Hotel, Great Dinosaur Rush, Great Western Trail, The Game, The Great Zimbabwe, El Grande, The Grizzled, Glen More, Gold West
     :scrab-h: Hey Waiter!, Hyperborea, Hanabi, Happy Salmon, Hostage Negotiator, Honshu, Hansa Teutonica, High Treason: The Trial of Louis Riel, Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle
     :scrab-i: Imperial Settlers: Atlanteans, Ice Cool, Imhotep, Inish, Innovation Deluxe
     :scrab-j: Jaipur
     :scrab-k: Karuba, Kraftwagen, Keyflower, Kingdom Builder, Kingdomino, King of New York
     :scrab-l: London Dread, La Granja: No Siesta!, Le Havre, Lords of Waterdeep, Last Friday, Lorenzo il Magnifico, Lisboa, Lancaster, Lanterns, Ligretto, Love Letter
     :scrab-m: Metro, Manhattan Project: Energy Empire + Chain Reaction, Mystic Vale, Mombasa, Maharaja, Mechs vs. Minions, Magic  Maze, Mille Bornes , Mahjong
     :scrab-n: New York 1901, Nerdy Inventions, The Networks, Notre Dame, NMBR9, Not Alone. Nations: The Dice Game, Ninja Taisen
     :scrab-o: Onitama, Outburst, Onirim, Oracle of Delphi, Orléans: Invasion, Orléans: Trade & Intrigue, The Oregon Trail
     :scrab-p: Pyramid Arcade, Pillars of the Earth, Pandemic: Cthulhu, Patchwork, Pandemic, Pandemic: Iberia, Power Grid, Parade, Pokemon Trading Card Game, Potion Explosion, Pandemic: The Cure, Photosynthesis, Praetor
     :scrab-q: Quests of Valeria
     :scrab-r: Russian Railroads: German Railroads, Risk, Raxxon, Red7, Raiders of the North Sea, Rallyman, Roll For the Galaxy
     :scrab-s: Seafall, Santorini, Shakespeare, Splendor, Star Realms, Sun Moon Stars, Saint Petersburgh, Stratego, Sagrada, Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective, Shadows Over Camelot, Specter Ops, Snow Tails, Space Cadets: Away Missions, Scrabble, Sushi Go, Super Motherload, Scotland Yard, Squawk
     :scrab-t: Tarantula Tango, TIME Stories: Under the Mask, Tsuro, Ticket to Ride: Heart of Africa, Ticket to Ride: Europe, Ticket to Ride: Rails & Sails, Tiny Epic Western, Terraforming Mars, Tak, Tragedy Looper, Tiny Epic Galaxies (+Beyond the Black), Tides of Madness, Ticket to Ride: Germany, Trajan, Tiny Epic Quest, Turf Master, Takenoko, Tokyo Highway, Tsuro. Targi, Trivial Pursuit, Ticket to Ride: Nordic, Taboo
     :scrab-u: Unfair, Ulm, Unlock!
     :scrab-v: Villages of Valeria, Vast: The Crystal Cavern, Versailles, Voyages of Marco Polo, Valletta, Viceroy, Village, Viticulture w/Tuscay
     :scrab-w: Witness, World's Fair 1893, 7 Wonders, Whistle Stop, Wit’s End
     :scrab-x: Xcom
     :scrab-y: Yedo, Yokohama
     :scrab-z: Zooloretto, Zombies: Roll Them Bones

    Advent Challenge
    Play a game everyday from Dec 1 through Dec 24

    Su M T  W Th  F  Sat
                         :1: :1:
    :1: :1: :1: :1: :1: :1: :1:
    :1: :1: :1: :1: :1: :1: :1:
    :1: :1: :1: :1: :1: :1: :1:
    :1: 25 26 27 28 29 30

    Day 1 Roll a die for start player. Use the lowest roll to see who goes first.
    • I figured if we were rolling dice we might as well play some dice games so we chucked a couple of d20s. He rolled 18, I rolled 8 and we played: Discoveries. Boo, I lost. Bring on more dice! We both rolled 18 and on the re-roll I rolled 20 and he rolled 1 and we played: Sagrada. Yay, I won. We're on a roll, we Can't Stop, so we didn't. A 5 vs 4 on our d20 and I led off our game of: Can't Stop. Another win for Jim. Enough dice! Our final game of the night: Codenames Duet
    Day 2 Play a game that is more than 10 years old.
    • Jim was super happy with this challenge as he wants to record a play of all the older boardgames that we own or have played prior to joining BoardGameGeek. We managed to get 7 of them to the table. First up, Ligretto. Pretty much Dutch Blitz with different art, circa 1988. Next, Carcassonne with the River expansion (I crushed him 204 to 163) in this game from 2000. Back to 1948 for a tight match of Scrabble with me winning 316 to 311. Exactly 10 years old, Chicago Express is one where I whined my way all the way through thinking it was impossible to manage shares and money and then won by $18k  ::) We went back to 1954 for Mille Bornes. I have fond memories of playing the predecessor of this one,"Touring (1906)",  with my grandparents back in the '70s but Mille Bornes fell rather flat. We played the best 2/3 with the set going to Jim, but I can't see this one hitting the table again. Ever. Wit's End is a 1995 clone of Trivial Pursuit with different styles of questions and then we finished with the real McCoy of 1981, playing Trivial Pursuit. Jim gets questions like "what's the 19th hole called in golf" and "what player in baseball squats 300 times in a double header" while I have to come up with "who lives at 148 Bonnie Meadow Road". Whatever! So after a trip down memory lane and 9 plays of 7 games, the final win tally: Jim 5, Lori 4.
    Day 3 Play a game that features your home town/state/country in the game.
    • We had the perfect game for this challenge, we just had to learn it first!  High Treason: The Trial of Louis Riel is based on actual Canadian history prior to the time that the western provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan were joining confederation. In 1885, after the North West Rebellion, Métis Leader, Louis Riel was tried for treason and eventually hanged in my hometown of Regina, Saskatchewan. From the game description: "Now you enter the courtroom during those five fateful days of July, 1885, when the future of a country hung in the balance, and the defendant, Louis Riel, hanged in the aftermath." We really enjoyed it (and yes, history repeated itself).   I may have made a mistake in letting Jim resuscitate Trivial Pursuit from the basement for yesterday's challenge as he now wants to log plays of each card-set that have! Luckily the game was created in Canada and still fits the challenge criteria for today so we played Trivial Pursuit Genus II and 10th Anniversary Edition. Also luckily, we only have two more versions left to play!  :-\ 

    Day 4 Play seasonal music while you play games.
    • The MacKenzie's decided to go Scottish (and Canadian) and chose  "The Christmas Album"  by the Barra MacNeil's while playing Alea Iact Est. Weekday nights at the beginning of the week are busy for us so the simple dice chucker fit the bill. Then, I couldn't resist getting in a game of Azul. All the love all the time for this one.

    Day 5 Post a picture of you holding the game(s) you are playing.
    • Sometimes I get to play a game or two at work and today we got in Potion Explosion and Patchwork. For Chewsday Challenge I had made a request to Derek to bring out Village as I'd never played it before and wanted to give it a try. We wrapped up with a couple of plays of my new love, Azul and then headed home to shovel snow.
    Day 6 Open a door for someone.
    • No problem here, I held the door for the mailman delivering a package at work this morning and again when we had bottles delivered for the water cooler. We played Ex Libris, only the 2nd play of this newer game in our collection, but I really like combination of worker placement and puzzle solving. Then, a play of Onirim. Man, I suck at this game. I keep thinking I've got the strategy figured out and next thing I'm toast. Better luck next time!

    Day 7 Comment on another geek's item.
    • It was easy to do this!  It's been a great group, keeping me both entertained and motivated to update every day. Time was really short for us today so there’s just one lonely play of World's Fair 1893 to record. It was my 16th play of this game, but it wasn’t a strong game for me and Jim took it easily - good excuse to play again!

    Day 8 - Play a game that is less than 3 years old.
    • It was mostly solo night for me as Jim's first class of students had their final exam tonight. The oldest game was Fields of Arle from 2014 and the newest was from just a few months ago. The solo games of Ex Libris were engaging and I'm looking forward to a few more attempts at beating "The Public Library". I also played a solo game of NMBR 9, another puzzley game that I really enjoy. Jim got home in time to create a traffic jam with Toyko Highway, which ended as it always does in a pile of smashed cars and crumbled concrete.
    Day 9 - Play a filler game.
    • Busy day today so filler games worked out perfectly. Played Ninja Taisen, Cthulhu Realms and Sushi Go.
    Day 10 - Play as many different games as possible.
    • Despite wishing for a day of playing games there was just too much to do today and only played Pyramid Arcade twice
    Day 11 - Post the game that you most want for Christmas (or other holiday) in your geeklist item.
    • Hands down, Altiplano is at the top of my wishlist!  This morning I had some time to kill waiting for a serviceman to arrive at our house, so I played a solo game of Pandemic: Iberia using 3 characters. I lost horribly! Tonight, Jim and I played Praetor which, after collecting dust for almost exactly 3 years (last played Dec 9, 2014) turned out to be much better than I had remembered and worth resurrecting off the shelf.
    Day 12 - Play your favorite game.
    • To be honest I'm not usually that into picking favourites. I narrowed it down to a Top 5 and, Dana was kind enough to indulge me with two of them. I think I owe him a play of Dominion and Castles of Burgundy now! First up, Terraforming Mars. We played this on the Elysium side of the Hellas & Elysium Map. It's really an excellent game which I always enjoy and I'm looking forward to trying Venus Next, next. After that we played Concordia with the Salsa expansion. It was the first time with this expansion and we actually made a bit of a rules mistake in the first couple of turns (nothing to do with the expansion). Once that was cleared up it played quite seamlessly although I'm not sure anyone exploited the salt and forum cards as much as they could have. I think, having now seen them, that it will be easier to devise a strategy around their use for next time. Thanks, Dana (even though you beat me in both games  )
    Day 13 Drink your favorite holiday beverage while you game.
    • Man, it's getting hard to get a game in with all the Christmas hustle and bustle! I sipped a Bailey's on ice while we played Fidelitas and Can't Stop (damn you, Jim)
    Day 14 Play a game that you have not played in 2017. If you have played all your games in 2017, then play a game you have not played in December.
    • My BGStats app tells me that I haven't played Viticulture since Aug, 2015 which seems unbelievable to me! I saw so many people in this challenge playing it that I knew this had to be the game for me for this category. This little taste of it definitely made me want to play again so hopefully we can get it back to the table before 2017 runs out.
    Day 15 Play the newest addition to your collection.
    • Both fortunately and unfortunately for me, the newest games in my collection are Pandemic Legacy Season 2 and Charterstone. Both groups will be starting shortly but not for Santa's challenge today. Jim was also occupied with a work event so I grabbed a few solo games for entertainment. It looks like two of them were more fitting for Friday the 13th than a Christmas challenge! Played: Hostage Negotiator, The Bloody Inn and Castles of Burgundy: The Card Game.
    Day 16 Play a game that uses pen and paper.
    • We didn't have too many options for this challenge so, La Granja: No Siesta! became the easy choice. Even though I'd be ecstatic to stop, Jim is on a mission to play Can't Stop something like 50 times this year so we played that a few times and then ended up playing Eminent Domain: Microcosm which we'd had for a few years and never gotten around to playing.
    Day 17 - Play a game that you received for Christmas (or other holiday) last year.
    • I received Mechs vs. Minions as a gift for my birthday this year. It started out pretty shaky and I thought we were doomed after the first two rounds, but things came together after a timely fuel tank explosion and we ended up winning the scenario!
    Day 18 - Play a card game.
    • Another solo night for me so I decided to play: Imperial Settlers
    Day 19 - Roll a die; play the following type of game based upon the result: 1= Card game, 2=Dice game, 3=Euro, 4=Kid's game, 5=Thematic game, 6=Dexterity game
    • Well, Santa's challenge didn't really fit into my gaming plans tonight so I skipped the die rolling and played 3 diverse games. First up was Biblios which was super quick and simple. Then Clank in Space which is a lot of fun; definitely some push your luck aspects that get everyone at the table either exclaiming "Oh no!" or "Oh yeah!" Freedom: The Underground Railroad is super challenging to play and always comes down to the wire. We managed a win by the skin of our teeth after very carefully planning the entire round, knowing full well that we couldn't win if we went into the final round.
    Day 20 Play a game with a winter theme.
    • There were a few suggestions from the thread such as Seasons and Dead of Winter but we opted for Ticket To Ride: Nordic Countries.  It's got a reindeer on the cover and "santa express" on the train cards so it was a pretty perfect match
    Day 21 Play a game designed the year you were born or earlier.
    • We opted to just go much much older and played Mahjong. It's a wonderful, tactile game reminiscent of rummy but really not ideal for 2-players.
    Day 22- Play a game that contains a die.
    • The Voyages of Marco Polo was our game of choice with all its dice activations and manipulations - another perfect fit.
    Day 23 Play a game in your Top 10 list.
    • Our family did our Christmas celebrations a day early this year so it was Christmas Eve for us.  We played my new favourite: Azul as well as a few others that I really enjoy: Super Motherload, Jaipur, Love Letter, Codenames and NMBR 9
    Day 24 Hug your family & friends, wish them a Merry Christmas and tell them that you love them.
    • Merry Christmas!  The last day of the challenge arrived and we played Harry Potter: Howarts Battle, Castles of Mad King Ludwig and Ex Libris. I had a lot of fun with this challenge and would definitely do it again next year.
    Bonus Days:
    Day 25 Century: Golem, Scotland Yard, Azul, NMBR 9
    Day 26 Barenpark, Squawk, Ex Libris, Pandemic: The Cure
    Day 27 Whistle Stop
    Day 28 Codenames: Duet, Zombies: Roll Them Bones
    Day 29 Friday
    Day 30 Baseball Highlights:2045, The Oregon Trail
    Day 31 7 Wonders, Anomia, Taboo, Dutch Blitz, King of New York, Acquire
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    Re: 2017 Gaming Challenges
    « Reply #2 on: December 30, 2016, 05:22:53 PM »
    Here's my gaming goals
     10x10 challenge
     New to me where I play 20 new games I have not played before
     Play 10 different games that are at least 5 years old or older
    Play 10 different games that are either 2016 or 2017
    And play with 25 different people 




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    Re: 2017 Gaming Challenges
    « Reply #3 on: December 30, 2016, 07:01:37 PM »
    Play Mage Knight solo a minimum of 12 times
    Try play 5 different Epic sized games (War of the Ring, Twilight Empirium 3, etc )
    Try to have 10 plays of 5 games from my collection




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    Re: 2017 Gaming Challenges
    « Reply #4 on: December 30, 2016, 09:57:13 PM »
    My 2017 challenges:

    Finish my 2016 challenge of having one play of each game on BGG's Top 100:

    10X10 Challenge

    Play all my unplayed games (BGG Geeklist):

    And an easy 100x1 challenge



    R Newell

    Re: 2017 Gaming Challenges
    « Reply #5 on: January 01, 2017, 06:17:05 PM »
    Own 10 games or less that I used to play but which have been collecting dust for at least a year.

    Below are games in my collection that I've played, but not since before 2016.  Play 'em or dump 'em.

    2007 - Cribbage
    2012 - Hornet Leader: Carrier Air Operations
    2013 - The Resistance
    2013 - Pax Porfiriana
    2014 - Cave Evil
    2015 - Battlestar Galactica
    2015 - Blokus Duo
    2015 - Dune
    2015 - Friedrich
    2015 - Hannibal: Rome Vs. Carthage
    2015 - Modem Art
    2015 - Star Wars: Queen's Gambit

    Original tally: 35
    Current tally: 12

    1775: Rebellion (played)
    Agricola (played)
    Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn (played)
    Carcassonne (played)
    Clash of Cultures (played)
    Clue (no longer own)
    Condottiere (played)
    Cosmic Encounter (played)
    Court of the Medici (played)
    DungeonQuest (played)
    Earth Reborn (played)
    Fury of Dracule (second edition) (no longer own)
    El Grande (played)
    Hyperborea (played)
    Jambo (played)
    King of Tokyo (no longer own)
    Lord of the Rings: Confrontation (played)
    Lords of Scotland (played)
    Monopoly (no longer own)
    Pandemic (played)
    Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island (played)
    Scrabble (no longer own)
    Twilight Imperium (played)
    War of the Ring (played)
    World of Warcraft: The Adventure Game (no longer own)

    Own 10 games or less that I've never played.

    Below are games in my collection that I've never played.  Play 'em or dump 'em.

    Back to the Future
    Battle for Souls
    Duel of Ages II
    The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen
    Here I Stand
    Magic Realm
    Scotland Yard
    Struggle of Empires

    Original tally: 17
    Current tally: 15

    Argent: The Consortium (played)
    Indonesia (played)
    Ingenious (played)
    Labyrinth: The War on Terror (played)
    Risk: Star Wars Original Trilogy Edition (no longer own)
    Space Cadets: Away Missions (played)
    Star Trek: Ascendancy (played)
    Star Wars: The Card Game (played)
    Yomi (played)

    Don't suck at being a co-host on the radio show Of Dice and Men.
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    Re: 2017 Gaming Challenges
    « Reply #6 on: January 01, 2017, 07:57:15 PM »
    I'm going off of the last few years... been working for me.

    1) 15x5 Challenge - play 15 games 5 times in the upcoming year in any order.  :1:

    2) Un-played Games Challenge - you list all the un-played games that you own and pledge to play them all.  :5:

    3) Play Your Collection Challenge - you log one play of every game in your collection by the end of the year.  :5:

    4) Play the Year - play a number of games equal to the days in a year. :1:

    5) New to You Challenge - you pledge to play 30 games in 2017 that you hadn't played before. :1:

    2017: Updated Dec 31st

    1) Play 15 Games 5 Times: :1:

    1.  Red 7 :d6-5 :d6-5 :d6-5 :d6-5 :d6-5 :d6-4  :1:
    2.  Magic Maze  :d6-5 :d6-5 :d6-5 :d6-2  :1:
    3.  5 Minute Dungeon  :d6-5 :d6-5 :d6-5  :1:
    4.  Pyramid Arcade :d6-5 :d6-5  :1:
    5.  Kakerlakenpoker  :d6-5 :d6-4  :1:
    6.  The Game :d6-5 :d6-4  :1: 
    7.  Vivajava Dice Game  :d6-5 :d6-3  :1:
    8.  Kingdomino  :d6-5 :d6-3  :1:
    9.  Time Stories  :d6-5 :d6-3  :1:
    10.  7th Continent :d6-5 :d6-2 :1:
    11.  Gloomhaven :d6-5 :d6-1 :1:
    12.  Fastrack  :d6-5 :d6-1  :1:
    13.  Pixel Tactics  :d6-5 :d6-1  :1:
    14.  Unfair :d6-5  :1:
    15.  Tummple! :d6-5  :1:

    2) Owned but Un-Played Games in my Collection (Total unplayed: 18 - 5 to go)  :5:
    Owned from the previous year but unplayed as of the start of the year.
    - Pandante
    - King Down
    - Krosmaster Quest (Campaign)
    - Pandemic Legacy (Campaign)
    - Mechs Vs Minions (Campaign)
    - Honour of the Samurai
    - Eminent Domain
    - Android Netrunner
    - Endeavor
    - Minion/Henchlings
    - Tiny Epic Western
    - Pups
    - Gloom
    - Lagoon Land of Druids
    - Megaman

    New Games received or bought this year that are not yet played. (0)

    3) Play Your Collection Challenge  :5:

    4) Play 365 games this Year & Other Stats :1:
    - Games played: 382
    - Hours played: 396
    - Unique Games played: 155
    - Owned vs unowned plays: 80% Owned, 20% Unowned.

    5) New Games to Me 2017 :1:
    Total: 55
    32  :5: = Bought Before Playing (Includes games bought in previous years, trades, catching up on backlog, KS)
    20  :0: = Played not Bought
    3   :2cents = Bought After Playing:

        1. Cavern Tavern :2cents
        2. Banzai  :2cents
        3. Argent the Consortium  :2cents
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    Let me know if you want to me to bring out a specific game: Game List

    Re: 2017 Gaming Challenges
    « Reply #7 on: February 01, 2017, 09:14:34 AM »
    I’m new to the sight here, but this looks like a great Idea. 

    Play 20 new games
    Lords of Waterdeep
    Robinson Crusoe
    Catles of Mad King Ludwig
    A Feast for Odin
    Caesar & Cleopatra
    6 Nimmt!
    Aladdin's Dragons
    Colossal Arena
    British Rails
    Alien Frontiers
    For Sale
    Inca Gold
    Pandemic Cthulhu
    Exploding Kittens
    Open Sesame
    Roll for it!
    5 Minute Dungeon
    Century - Spice Road
    Rumble in the house

    Play 5 new expansions
    Istanbul Moch & baksheesh
    Kingdom Builder Nomads
    Betrayal House on haunted Hill - Widow's Walk
    Castles of Mad King Ludwig - Secrets

    Successfully Complete 5 Different Co-Op Games
    Robinson Crusoe
    Pandemic Legacy
    Pandemic Cthulhu

    Play Entire Collection

    Play 100 different games
    Lords of Waterdeep
    Robinson Crusoe
    Catles of Mad King Ludwig
    Last Will
    Stone Age
    A Feast for Odin
    Kingsburg w/expansion
    Dominion w/all expansions
    7 Wonders Duel w/expansion
    Twilight Struggle
    Kindom Builder w/expansions
    Pandemic Legacy
    Cold War CIA vs KGB
    Caesar & Cleopatra
    6 Nimmt!
    Aladdin's Dragons
    Colossal Arena
    British Rails
    Russian Railroads
    Betrayal at the house on Haunted Hill w/expansion
    Alien Frontiers
    For Sale
    Inca Gold
    Pandemic Cthulhu
    Exploding Kittens
    Open Sesame
    Roll for it!
    5 Tribes
    Galaxy Defenders
    5 Minute Dungeon
    Century - Spice Road
    Rumble in the house
    Witt's and Wagers

    Play a game of dominion with each different card at least once
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    Re: 2017 Gaming Challenges
    « Reply #8 on: February 05, 2017, 08:58:15 AM »
    Play Dominion with each different card at least once

    Neat idea.



    R Newell

    Re: 2017 Gaming Challenges
    « Reply #9 on: March 31, 2017, 01:02:01 PM »
    First Quarter Check-In

    Own 10 games or less that I used to play but which have been collecting dust for at least a year.

    Original tally: 35
    Current tally: 22

    I've been crushing this goal so far this year.  I don't see any reason why I won't achieve it at this point.

    Own 10 games or less that I've never played.

    Original tally: 17
    Current tally: 18

    This one I've been paying less attention to (partly because I'm too lazy to learn a game from scratch so far this year) but I still consider it quite achievable.

    Don't suck at being a co-host on the radio show Of Dice and Men.

    I don't think I've sucked so far, despite the occasional technical difficulty.