Prairie Game eXpo - Core Ritchie Centre- Saturday, October 1st, 2016 (9am) FREE!

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Please sign me up for the X-Wing escalation tournament.

You're in!




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I am coming and I would like to sign up for Ora Et Labora and Glass Roads please.




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Sign me up for glass road

GAME: Naval Battles: Customizable Card Game
TEACHER: Devin Fifield
START TIME: 1:00pm
DURATION: 2-3 hrs
I would like to showcase my game that weekend at the PGX and would like to get 6 players together to play a sealed deck format game.
This game is developed around modern naval combat, players will act as Admirals and have the opportunity to build and deploy ships, equip them with weapons cards and aircraft, and send them into combat against your opponent.  Players command from a flagship that acts like a virtual ship that you can also deploy weapons and defense cards to, and can use these to attack your opponent or defend yourself from attack.  Players will use resource cards to draw requisition to pay for your construction costs.  Players will also have access to special Instant cards that can be played at anytime when that player has enough requisition and can satisfy any prerequisites.  Complete rule book is available on the website above, as well as a visual spoiler of all the cards in the core set and upcoming expansion.




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  • Name: Chad
I'd like to sign up for the xwing escalation tournament.




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Please enter me into the Star Wars X-Wing escalation tourney
My collection of board games:     Feel free to request something and I'll bring it out!




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Alright, I'll cancel Rum & Bones this time and join in the X-Wing Tourney.
Got a request for a game, check out this link right here: I'd be more than glad to bring any of these out to play.




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  • Name: Nicole Persram
I'll be coming out. Not sure what I'll bring yet.
Let me know if you want to me to bring out a specific game: Game List




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Please sign me up for the Dominion tournament.

I'll also be bringing my game, Merchant's Dilemma, out to the Game Designer's Corner again. Had some good games last time around! Let me talk to Derek about timing before you post that though.



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GAME: Merchant of Venus
TEACHER: Matt Robertson
START TIME: 10:00am
1. Matt Robertson
2. Kathy Lewis

We will be playing on the large map with the following designer variant rules in play:
...Playing with fancy Star Gates (Greg Rocks).
...Playing with fancy Ships (Greg Rocks).
...Playing with Fancy Culture Markers (Greg and Matt both Rock).
...Playing with Mining Colonies.
...Playing with Quick Start Rules.
...Playing with Fair Player Start Rules.
...Playing with all extra ship mats in play.
...Game will be a $4000 game (Long & Epic).

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