ComicReaders Downtown - Warhammer 40k Escalation League Tournament - May 22nd

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ComicReaders' Downtown Warhammer 40k Escalation League - Season 5 - 1500 Point Tournament



A 1500 point tournament to end Season 5 of the ComicReaders Downtown Warhammer 40k Escalation League. Players from the Escalation League use the knowledge they have obtained during the escalation months to create a strong army to fight other armies and hopefully come away victorious!

Sunday, May 22, 2016 @ 10am - 7:00pm

ComicReaders Downtown will open for Tournament players before 10am on Sunday. (Store opens to the public at 12pm.) We anticipate the Tournament ending around 7:00 pm. The store will close to the public at 5pm.

Note: Structure may change no later than 2 days before the tournament.

Players are allowed the following:
1 Primary Detachment either Combined Arms Detachment or Codex-Specific Detachment (note this also includes the decurion detachments)
1 Allied Detachment
1 Formation

Regarding terrain, since terrain is pre-set up, if you are using fortifications, you are not allowed to remove or replace pieces of terrain. Objectives will be in fixed positions.

Players are required to have at least 2 copies of their roster on hand. A copy of the roster needs to be submitted to the store at the beginning of the tournament, any discrepancies in the list and what is fielded will result in disqualification from prizes. Players are recommended to have a copy of their FAQ on hand in case army specific questions are asked by the opponent. FAQs found here

Games will promptly start at 10:15am. Each round of play will be a maximum of 2.5 hours, if the game is not finished, it will end on the closest full game turn, and the game will be decided by what is dictated in the book. There will be a least 15 minute warning for the end of each round.

First round of play will be starting at 10:15am, a short lunch break is available before start of the second round. Mission: Emperor's Will on Dawn of War

Second round of play will be starting at the latest 1:15pm. Mission: Cleanse and Control on Vanguard Strike

Third round of play will be starting at the latest 4:15pm. Mission: Purge the Alien on Hammer and Anvil

Terrain will be pre set-up, there will be an indication where the table will be split for Vanguard Strike, and all object markers will be at fixed places on the table.

A player may only win one prize
  • Best Overall - Combination of battle points and Sportsmanship points
  • Best General - The player with the highest battle points at the end of 3 rounds
  • Best Presentation - The best painted/converted army as voted by fellow players
  • Best Sporting Player - The player with the highest Sportsmanship points

ComicReaders Warhammer 40k Escalation League Season 5 Members.
  • Adam - Confirmed
  • Kyle - Confirmed
  • Chris S - Confirmed
  • Chris G - Confirmed
  • Casey - Confirmed
  • Anthony - Confirmed
  • Colin - Confirmed
This League would not be possible without the dedication of ComicReaders' staff.

Some of these conditions may be subject to change.
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Thanks to everyone that came out!

Best General: Chris S
Best Combined: Adam S
Most Sporting: Chris G and Colin L
Best Painted: Casey