Prairie Game eXpo - Core Ritchie Centre - Saturday, Jan 23rd, 2016 (9am) FREE!

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Dexterity Game Tournament

Where: Prairie Game eXpo
When: Saturday January 23, 2016
Start: 11:00 am

Maximum Players:
24 (12 teams of 2)


Tournament Format

The tournament will consist of max 24 players in pairs (12 teams of 2).
Teams will cycle together between 6 stations and play 6 unique dexterity games.
Each game round will consist of no more than 20 mins.

Crokinole—2 teams per board at this station, Win/Loss.

Pitchcar—2 teams per race track at this station, teammates competing together. The following is in place for determining Win/Loss:
1st place = 5 points, 2nd place = 4 points, 3rd place = 3 points, 4th place = 1 point.
The scores for each team will be summed to determine a Win/Loss between the teams.
Rules mods for tournament pitchcar—no flipped car penalties AND if flicked/pushed off track, placed back on at exit point (pushed) and start point (flicked).

Villa Paletti—2 teams per station, shared points, tournament rules for Villa Paletti are the following:
Thin Round Column = 1 point, Hexagonal Column = 2 points, Thick Round Column = 3 points, Toppling Tower (Game End) = -5 points
Rules Mods—No die rolling, strategic choosing of column target is best.
Win/Loss based on final score.

Hamsterrolle—2 teams per game, first to have a team member get rid of their pieces, Win/Loss.

Weykick—Two boards available for the Weykick station, two teams, each teammate at different board. Win/Loss.

PiratenBillard—2 teams at a single board. Win/Loss based on points.
Mod Rules—single set of coloured cannon balls for one team, both teammates hitting them towards the opponents end. Play to point value or most points by the end of 20 mins. No points lost for cannonball shot out of board.

Finals Tie-Breaker—teams deliberate on best game to determine tie breaker. If teams are at odds, coin flip (or other method) will be used to determine.

The winning team will get the grand prize: A limited edition PGX "Tournament Winner" mug!

If we do not make our 24 player roster we will make amendments on the fly.

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GAME TITLE: Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game
TEACHER: Stu Glennie
START TIME: 2:00pm
DURATION:  2 to 2 1/2 hours including teaching time
# OF PLAYERS: 2 to 5

My apologies, but I will be unable to attend the WH40K game at PGX.






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  • Name: Shane Hansen
Can put Mr.Hansen and DjPanda down for the Carcassone Tourney and the Dexterity Tournament Thank you! :excited




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Sign me up for the dexterity game tournament and for dead of winter.

sign me up for the dexterity tournament.




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  • Name: Yumi Vanwonterghem
Please sign me up for the Carcassonne tournament.




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Please sign me up for the 40K! Ill bring Astra Militarum
Nathan Sgrazzutti



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  • Name: Matt Robertson
I will sign up for Carcassonne Tourney.
My KARMA ran over your DOGMA




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  • Name: Jim MacKenzie
I'll be attending - I still have to decide what games to bring and in what games I want to participate.
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