Chewsday Challenge Formula D League - Season 2 Discussion and Planning

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Alright, the time has come what with 'Play With Your Food 2' coming up for me to start up Season 2 of the Chewsday Challenge Formula D League. The first and most important change that I'm going to make this year is that there will be an entry fee of $10 since I am using this as a method of fund-raising this year. The majority of proceeds will be going to Souls' Harbour through the 24 Hours to Play With Your Food event, with the rest going into prizes for the winners. I haven't figured out the exact percentages yet, but the best individual driver along with the top team will all win prizes with value greater than their entrance fee. More on that later. Here's the rules for this year's league:

Basic rules:
 We will be using all advanced rules from the standard rulebook except for weather. Also, all races will be formula races, so no special powers and the like.

Constructing Your Car:
 Each player may distribute 20 WP between the 6 zones of their car, within the following restrictions: Tires May have no more than 14 wp, while each other zone may have no more than  7 WP. Each zone must have at least 1 WP. You may use the default formula build if you choose.

Team Race:
All races will be team races, with placing awarding points as follows:
1st 10 points
2nd  8 points
3rd   6 points
4th   5 points
5th   4 points
6th   3 points
7th   2 points
8th   1 points
9th/10th/did not finished = no points

Each team's individual points are combined and used to determine league standing. So for example, if two racers on a team got 2nd and 4th, they'd have 13 points in the league standings.

Race Length All races will be two laps only.

Pit stops: Each racer has 2 WP they can use when they make a pit stop. This can not exceed any starting values. Your tires are fully repaired separately, regardless of how many WP you use. Immediately after stopping in your pit, you roll the black die to determine how fast your crew works; on a result of 1-10, you immediately come out of the pit that many spaces divided by 2 (noting that no blocking occurs in the pit lane; it is assumed you have enough space to get around any potentially blocking car) in a gear no higher than 4th. On an 11-20 you have slow technicians and come out of the pit next turn in 4th gear. I recommend giving your pit crew red bull or something. If we have enough teams pit stops work the same, except your TEAM has FOUR WP that can be distributed between either racer as the team sees fit. There are penalties for using 3 or 4 WP as noted here:
3 Repair Points - Can exit pits in third Gear or lower
4 Repair Points - Can exit pits in second Gear or lower

Summary of Order of Movement from Rulebook
What is the order of movement for cars in and near the pits?
1. Cars on the track past the pit entrance
2. Cars in the pit lane
3. Cars in the pit stands
4. Cars on the main track that haven't reached the pit entrance.

Team configuration: People may register in teams, or look for a partner out of people who have already registered.

Once per turn, any driver may add movement to their roll by "over-revving" their engine. To do this they must spend one engine point. When spending this point the car does not leave a debris counter. The extra movement gained is determined by the gear the car is in. Using all of the extra spacing is mandatory unless you wish to burn brake points to drop a movement.
Over-revving benefits depend on the gear you are in:
   1st - 2nd: 1 space
   3rd - 4th: 2 spaces
   5th - 6th: 3 spaces

You can use over-revving and slipstream, but the slipstream can only be used after you have applied the effects of the over-rev to complete your base move.

Replacement Drivers: In the event that we get more people who want to sign up than we have room for, they will be placed on a reserve list for when people can't make a given league night. Spots will still be given on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that if your driver is injured (see below) and/or you need a replacement driver for any reason there is a $2 entry fee which will be going to the charity.

When an engine blows, you go down one gear each turn trying to either finish, or make the pits. If you make the pits you are allowed to fix one engine point. (The engine repair point must come from the team allocation of remaining repair points). While coasting, the car MUST shift down every turn (thus is is gradually burning off speed it had built up prior to blowing the engine). If, after rolling the 1st gear die, the car has neither reached its pit nor finished the race, the car is eliminated.

Car Crash Effects on Future Races
Whenever a car is eliminated from the game due to a collision or crash, (Body, Suspension, Brakes, Tires), roll a d20 and consult the table below:
• 01 – 01: Driver Killed. Car misses next race while a new driver can be added to the team.
               (Team is short a driver next race) A substitute driver/car may be used.
• 02 – 03: Driver injury. Driver misses next race while being rehabilitated.
               (Substitute driver can race for team next race so team is not down a car).
• 04 – 20: No adverse effects, take a driver training course though. :)

So, if your driver is injured or killed, you can pay the re-entry fee as above, but that replacement driver's points won't be added to anyone's individual standings for determining of the 'best driver' prize.

Pole Positions
The pole positions are awarded in reverse order of the previous race finish. The first race will be determined using the standard method of rolling the black die.

Clarification on Blocking
You must make choices along your path that will enable you to go as far as possible. In other words you cannot intentionally ram another vehicle if there is a path for you to take that would allow your car to go farther.

Race dates/times:
In the interest of keeping things running smoothly, races will be held once a month starting April 1st; there will be one race a month for four months. If a racer can not attend, their team may arrange for replacement drivers to score for their team (but not their individual driver standings) the re-entry fee will apply here as well.

If all this sounds good, and you want to sign up, go ahead and post in this thread and I will add you to the pending roster. However, I will be accepting paid registrations ahead of forum requests on a first-come, first-served basis.

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Got a request for a game, check out this link right here: I'd be more than glad to bring any of these out to play.




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Got a request for a game, check out this link right here: I'd be more than glad to bring any of these out to play.




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definitely sign me up for season 2 , i will bring my fee to chewsday challenge on mar 4




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I'm going to say that this season is on hiatus until further notice due to lack of interest. Maybe later in the year.
Got a request for a game, check out this link right here: I'd be more than glad to bring any of these out to play.