[Monster Box] Playtesters wanted!

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[Monster Box] Playtesters wanted!
« on: June 28, 2013, 11:55:18 AM »
Hello! I am looking for people to playtest my short game Monster Box, which is now available for free download from DriveThruRPG (or attached to this post).  This is a short, simple, introductory rpg, which should play well with kids.   I will give a synopsis of the game below, but please download it and check out the actual rules document. This game is mostly intended to promote my other games (Spectrum and fingerprints), but I do want to make sure it is a fun, working game that stands on it's own. My questions are:

1.  Are the rules clear?
2.  Is there any other material you would need to start playing this game right away?

Here is a synopsis of the game:

Monster Box is a role-playing game of kids with bonded pet monsters (in the style of Pokemon or Shadowstar). The game is a 10-page free PDF, and includes a character sheet. The game uses 6-sided dice, preferably one white die plus 3 differently colored dice per player, and a few dice for the Guide.

You play as a kid (white die), with one monster buddy and 2 monster pets (colored dice). The colors of your dice should match the monsters you draw on your character sheet. Each of your monsters has a different mechanical power (+1 on every roll, roll 2d3, reroll once, etc.). You can describe your monster, and the effects of this power however you want.

When the kid faces problems, they choose which monsters (if any) they want to help them, roll their dice, add up the totals, and hope to hit the target number. If your monster rolls a 1, it is exhausted, and is out of play until it heals (probably for one or two scenes). So do you use all of your monsters on every early challenge? You'll probably roll big totals, but one of those monsters might be exhausted when you really need them.

Your monster pets can only help you with fights, and physical challenges (crossing a river, escaping a cell, rescuing a busload of your classmates falling off a cliff). Your monster buddy can help you with any kind of roll, including talking, knowledge, scrounging, sneaking, being brave, or healing, but even they can only use their power for fights and physical challenges. So do you use your buddy in the fight, or hold them back so they an help you heal your other monsters?

There's more to it, but not a lot more. Please check out the full rules, and let me know:

1.  Are the rules clear?
2.  Is there any other material you would need to start playing this game right away?

It would be especially great if you wanted to post your actual play experiences at http://www.story-games.com/forums/categories/actual-play-vignettes  Thank you! I look forward to reading your comments.