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Strategy Saturday started in the fall of 2004 and is a once a month evening of board games.  It is generally held the second Saturday of each month.  Sometimes the date moves around a bit due to the facility being unavailable that weekend, it being a holiday weekend, or the organizers being simply unavailable.  That all said, it still is generally the second Saturday of the month.

Event Owner
Allan Luesink

Moderator(s) for this section of the site
Allan Luesink

Contact Information
Use these forums, a private message will do.

Argyle Road Baptist Church
3510 Argyle Road
Regina, SK
(see map at bottom)

Hours of Operation
7 pm until midnight (or there abouts) once a month.  We have an open door policy so feel free to come later or leave early.  Just know that if you come late you may end up waiting a bit to get in on a game.

Collection of Games Available for Use
If you do not wish to bring a game, no worries, there are always plenty of games available.

Age Limits
This is an event that is open to all ages.  We only ask that if a young person attends that they have the ability to stay focused on the game they join.  We leave it up to the parents to make this evaluation.

It's FREE!

Food & Beverage
We have a snack counter where people contribute a drink or something to munch on.  If you haven't brought something we still want you to feel at home so don't be afraid to help yourself.

There's plenty of parking available along the street or if you prefer in back in the church's parking lot.

Feature Game
This is something that was started a few years ago.  Each month we have a game that will be guaranteed to be taught and played.  This Featured Game is started at the beginning of the evening so if you want a seat at the table, you'll want to arrive on time.  If you know you'll be running a little bit late or you just want to guarantee yourself a spot, post you're intentions and we'll reserve you a seat.

Also, we are always encourage others run the Feature Game with one of their own games.  Maybe it's a new game you just got and can't wait to try it out or its a old favourite that just doesn't see the light of day like it should.  PM me and I'll be happy to see what arrangements we can make.

Things You Should Know
  • Have fun. This is a family friendly evening.  So conduct yourself accordingly.
  • There are always lots of games available for use.
  • Bring a friend. Bring a game. Bring both.

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Gaming Limitations
There are some limits that are placed on the types of games that are played at Strategy Saturday.  We ask that people not play games that fall into the following genres:
  • Magic, horror, or spirit centric (eg. Pathfinder, Magic the Gathering, Call of Cthulhu)
  • Gambling (eg. poker)
  • Table top miniatures
This request is simply that while you may see no issue with these types of games, ARBC has been extremely generous with the use of its facility and there is no good reason to risk giving an offense to any member of its congregation. So while I personally do play table top miniature games, I don't play them at Strategy Saturday and instead limit my play to table/board games (of which there are plenty to enjoy).

There is an element of discretion that goes along with this policy. Having a 'magical' element does not necessarily disqualify a game. An example might be Elfenland which is a race game where young elves seek to travel across a map using different modes of transport, some of which are fantastical (ie. dragons, magic clouds)

If you have any questions about a game, please feel free to ask.
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