SaskGames Administration - Executive and Leadership

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SaskGames Administration - Executive and Leadership
« on: November 23, 2016, 01:46:35 PM »
The administration of SaskGames falls under the guidance of an Executive Committee and a series of Leadership Heads. In case you should need to reach out to a particular individual, here is a list of the current roles and those who hold them:

Executive Committee:

President:  Lori MacKenzie (Lori) - currently on leave of absence

Vice-President: Murray Bennett (prairieguy)

Treasurer: Nicole Persram (NeikeDjour)

Secretary: Jill Fauth (jilly)

Member-at-Large: Janessa Hegel (jhegel)

Member-at-Large: vacant

Member-at-Large: Mike McCallion (MikeMcC)

Leadership Heads:

Website Admin: Nicole Persram (NeikeDjour)

Print & News Media: Davey McLellan (SteamPunch)

Global Moderators: Lori MacKenzie (Lori), Nik Persram (NeikeDjour) , Brad Boileau (bboileau), and Ryan Newell (R Newell)

Volunteer Coordinator: Mike McCallion (MikeMcC)

Chewsday Challenge Organizer: Mike McCallion (MikeMcC)

Saskatchewan Expo Games Area Organizer: Jill Fauth (jilly)

Prairie Game Expo Organizer: Chad Boudreau (Chad Boudreau) and Dana Tillusz (Dana_Tillusz)

Play With Your Food (PWYF) Organizer: Murray Bennett (prairieguy)

MegaGame Organizer: vacant

Social Media Coordinator: vacant (bboileau)

Membership Manager: Lori MacKenzie (Lori)

Sponsorship Manager: vacant

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