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Our 2nd scheduled event today for MTG Core 2020 was cancelled because we did not have the required minimum 8 players. We are therefore cancelling the scheduled 3rd event (7pm) and closing at 6pm as per usual. Our first Sunday event begins at 10am.
Hi everyone,

I know that most are aware of this but I want to point out again that I welcome people to take on the Feature Game slot at Strategy Saturday. The advantage of volunteering is that you'll be sure to play a game that you want to experience. The upcoming months are still open. If there is a game you'd like to play, please let me know.

For July, Mark has volunteered to feature Agra. The birthday of the Indian ruler Akbar is quickly approaching. This is your opportunity to gain his favour. On your land in Agra, you cultivate and harvest cotton and turmeric. You possess a forest from which you produce wood, as well as a small, but very profitable sandstone quarry. By trading and processing your wares, you can obtain more luxurious goods, which you will then use to woo notables as they make their way into the capital. Of course, your rivals have the same plan; you must use your wits to outsmart them as Akbar's birthday draws near...

!!!If you have a game you'd like to play and draw some attention to, feel free to volunteer for future Feature Game slots. Just drop me a note and I'll see if we can't get your game in the spotlight.

Strategy Saturday will be at Argyle Road Baptist Church (3510 Argyle Rd) from 7pm to midnight.  As usual we'll have our snack counter open so feel free to contribute a drink or something to munch on.  And feel free to bring along friends (and to forward this invite).

Hope you'll be there,

Oops; :o wrong section. But do check out the Strategy Saturday section for details.  :)
***more will be posted about a week prior to the games night***
***more will be posted about a week prior to the games night***
I'm on holidays this month and would be up for a game next week sometime, if anyone wants to try and sort something out.
GAME: Caylus
TEACHER: Darrin Bailey (trimmer)
DURATION: 150 min.
URL: Caylus

1. trimmer
2. zeker (please confirm)

If anyone is going for the d20 option, don't let Matt roll for you.

He NEVER rolls a 20.

Really,...  lol, NOT!  He got a 20 I got a 9
Game Night Recap


Games Played: Clank! In! Space!, Escape the Curse of the Temple, Android Netrunner, Trains Tokyo, Tara: Seat of Kings, Patchwork, Push, Pandemic Legacy, Black Orchestra, Architects of the West Kingdom, Kingdom Builder, Ghost Stories, Inis, Unfair, and more!

-Play With Your Food Hot Dog sale raising funds for Street Culture Project is taking place on July 27, 2019 at Save on Foods, Chuka BLVD, in the east end of Regina. Volunteers will be out selling hotdogs for a good cause from 10 am to 3 pm. See you there!
- It was DRAW NIGHT! Celebrated winners this month were Justin Schmidt for a $25 Boston Pizza gift certificate and Nicholas Murphy for a $25 ComicReaders gift certificate. Congrats!

See the current lost and found items here:
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