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I'm scheduled to do the Learn-to-Play this week and I will be bringing out SAKURA.
Marketplace / Misc. Wargames and Role-Playing games and supplements for sale
« Last post by Jim_P on February 15, 2019, 03:08:15 PM »
Here is a list of additional wargames and RPGs (and supplements)
that I have for sale.  Prices are fixed, but I can cut a deal
if you want multiple items.  Based on BGG and RPGG prices, I
think that they are more than fair, especially for the RPG sets.

All of the games are player's copies except where noted. They
are all in very good to excellent condition and would find a
home in any collection.

If you are interested, please email me direct:

Miscellaneous Wargames and books:

$25 Decline and Fall
$45 Kingmaker (Ariel 1st edition flat box)

$20 Glory Road (Wargamer 52 - Unpunched)
$20 Little Round Top (Wargamer 20 - Unpunched)
$25 Star Force Terra: Contact!

$30 John Prados' Third Reich

$20 Armor Supremacy
$25 Fury in the West (Battleline version - still in shrink)

$15 Mercanauts

$15 Alien Contact

$20 Mid-East Peace (box worn)
$20 Napoleon  (1st ed)
$25 Napoleon  (3rd ed)
$25 Rommel in the Desert

$40 Wizard Kings
    - includes Dwarven and Undead Armies

$30 Conquest (2-Player version)

$10 The Italian Campaign: Med War (S&T 160-punched)

$30 Emperor of China

$50 Warrior Knights

$25 Grand Imperialism
$25 Quest
$25 Sopwith
$25 Spellmaker
$25 Star Fighter
$25 Strange New Worlds

$20 The War of 1812
$30 Invasion: Sicily
$20 Saratoga: 1777

$25 A House Divided
$20 Imperium
$10 Sky Galleons of Mars (Missing Space 1889 booklet)
$30 Stand & Die
$30 Tet Offensive

$30 The African Campaign (2nd Ed. - unpunched)
$25 Europe at War

$15 The Complete Wargames Handbook by James F. Dunnigan

$50 Axis & Allies (1st Nova Games edition - cardboard pieces)
$15 Ace of Aces
$15 Ace of Aces: Balloon Buster

$15 The Complete Book of Wargames
$15 Nicky Palmer's Guide to Board Wargaming

$10 American Civil War 1861-1865 (S&T 93-punched)
$20 Arnhem
$30 BattleFleet Mars (Designer's Edition)
$10 Canadian Civil War (Missing rules)
$10 Cobra: Patton's Offensive in France (S&T 65-punched)
$15 Conquistador  (1st Ed.-Some replaced counters)
$20 Dawn of the Dead
$30 Descent on Crete (flat box need repair)
$10 The Flight of the Goeben (flat box need repair)
$15 Frigate (flat box need repair)
$85 Games of Middle Earth
    - War of the Ring (Designer's Ed - hard mounted map)
    - Gondor Folio
    - Sauron Folio
$30 Invasion: America
$25 John Carter, Warlord of Mars
$25 A Mighty Fortress (flat box need some repair)
$20 Minuteman (flat box need some repair)
$10 Wargame Design - S&T Staff Study Number 2
$30 Napoleon's Last Battles (Designer's Ed)
$10 October War (S&T 77-punched)
$20 Onslaught: D-Day to the Rhine
$15 Panzergruppe Guderian
$25 The Plot to Assassinate Hitler
$10 Rescue from the Hive (Ares 7-punched)
$10 Road to Richmond (S&T 60-punched)
$10 South Africa (S&T 62-punched)
$20 Spies!
$15 Stonewall (Unpunched-one missing counter in sheet)
$10 Voyage of the B.S.M. Pandora  (Ares 6-punched)
$25 Wellington's Victory (Unpunched-box needs repair)

$35 Viceroys includes the Columbus Expansion

$25 A Line in the Sand
$25 Battle of Britain
$25 Europe Aflame
$25 Hunt for Red October
$25 Red Storm Rising

$20 Sirocco

$10 Battlegame: Book 1 - The Wild West
$10 Battlegame: Book 2 - Knights at War
$10 Battlegame: Book 3 - Galactic War (softcover)
$10 Battlegame: Book 4 - World War II
$10 Battlegame: Book 5 - Fighting Ships

$25 1809 (unpunched)
$30 Ambush! incl Move Out! Module
$25 The Civil War
$20 Cold War
$20 France 1944
$20 Lee vs. Grant
$20 Omaha Beachhead
$20 Panzer Command
$35 Pax Britannica
$25 The Peloponnesian War

$25 Star Trek: The Enterprise(4) Encounter

$30 Web and Starship  (unpunched)

$50 Blitzkreig '41 (Command #1 - Unpunched)
$35 Lion of Ethiopia (Command #4 - Unpunched)
$25 Port Arthur: The Russo-Japanese War (Command #13)

$15 Beastlord (some missing counters)
$20 Marine: 2002
$15 Time War (some missing counters)
$15 United Nations

Miscellaneous RPGs and Supplements:
  (Most item are source books and adventures. They were used
   for personal information only.  All rule sets are marked.)

$20 Cthulhu: Miskatonic University Graduate Kit

$15 Doctor Who: The Cybermen
$15 Doctor Who: The Daleks

$15 Shadowrun Roleplaying Game - Core Rule Book 1st Ed.

$10 each...  Star Trek RPG Supplements and Sourcebooks:
    - Spacelanes Trade Supplement
    - Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home Sourcebook
    - The Federation
    - The Klingons
    - The Next Generation's Officer's Manual
    - The Orions
    - Trader Captains and Merchant Princes

$5 Role Aids: The Contract

$50 Dream Park: The Roleplaying Game Rules + modules
    - Incl. Gamemaster Pack w/screen
    - Incl. The Curse of the Khalif
    - Incl. The Fiendish Agents of Falkenberg

$10 Amazing Engine: For Faerie, Queen, and Country
$10 Amazing Engine: System Guide

$20 1st Edition D&D Boxed Set
$5  1st Edition Monster & Treasure Assortment Set One
$5  1st Edition Monster & Treasure Assortment Set Two
$20 1st Edition Unearthed Arcana
$10 AD&D 2nd Editon D1 Decent Into the Depths of the Earth

$30 for all four Marvel Super Heroes Sourcebooks
     - Gamer's Handbook A thru D
     - MA1 Children of the Atom
     - MH9 Gates of What If?
     - MX1 Nightmares of Futures Past

$20 James Bond 007 Roleplaying Game Core Rules

$150 MasterBook Set
  (I don't want to break up the set because only Bloodshadows
   has a core rule book.  It's getting six RPGs plus the
   Bloodshadows supplements for $150)
   - The World of Bloodshadows Boxed Rules Set
        - Fires of Marl
        - Mean Streets Campaign Pack
        - Shadows of Selastos
        - Sorceror's Crib Sheet
        - The Unnaturals
        - Wilderness
   - The World of Indiana Jones
   - The World of Necroscope
   - The World of Species
   - The World of Tales from the Crypt
   - The World of Tank Girl

$100 Shatterzone (I don't want to break the set.)
   - Shatterzone: The Roleplaying Game Boxed Rules Set
   - Arsenal Sourcebook
   - Fringers Guide Sourcebook
   - Fleet - A Survivor's Guide Sourcebook
   - Tech Book - Ships Sourcebook
   - Zeenarchs Sourcebook
   - Contact! Adventure Pack
   - Crosshairs Adventure Pack
   - Grimsyn Sector Adventure
   - Through the Cracks Adventure Pack

$25 Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game Core Rule Book

I'll take the last spot in dinogenics
Please add me to Dinogenics.  Thanks!
Sign Daniel & I up for Dinogenics

The tournament is in the Constructed format, meaning players bring their own pre-built deck, adhering to the following tournament guidelines:

A valid tournament deck contains the following number of cards:
Leader Card: 1 card
Deck: 50 cards
・Decks can contain only Battle Cards and Extra Cards.
・Decks cannot contain more or or less than 50 cards.
・Decks may contain a maximum of four copies of a card with the same card number.

Tournaments are conducted using a swiss draw format. Matches are played best-of-one. (The first player to win a game is the winner.)

For the first match, players are paired with each other at random.
For the second match onward, players are paired against players with similar point totals.

- Players may drop out of the tournament midway.
- Players are allowed to drop out following the end of their currently assigned match.
- If a player chooses to drop out, they must inform the tournament organizers of their decision by the end of the current match.
- Players who drop out of a tournament midway are not included in future matchmaking and are not assigned a final placing.
- Players who are late to their assigned match and fail to inform the organizers by the time the match ends may be disqualified from the tournament.

Each player will receive one Official Tournament Pack vol 5 and one Pure Hearted Son Goku promo.


Sunday, February 17, 2019

1:00pm start time.

Venue Information: Click Here


Chad Boudreau

GAME: Dinogenics
TEACHER: Zeker (Steve)
START TIME: 6:30pm
DURATION: 150 Minutes
1) Zeker

We will see if this is as good as Dinosaur Island  :music:
Marketplace / Wh40k Eldar for sale
« Last post by Mike.L on February 14, 2019, 08:31:07 PM »
I am selling my elder army. I’ll post photos soon. The army consists of:

Farseer on foot
Farseer on bike
Autaurch with wings
Eldar triumvirate
Wraith Knight (sword/shield)
20 wraithgaurd (10 with cannons 10 with axe/shield)
6 jet bikes
Fire prisim tank

All but the tank are painted. (The tank is built but not primed or painted)

Please message me with serious offers only please.
Flames of War League / Flames of War: Saskatchewan Team Yankee Challenge [03/02/2019]
« Last post by Lance on February 14, 2019, 08:28:43 AM »
Event Name: Saskatchewan Team Yankee Challenge [WW3/TY]
Location of Event: Robert's Firebase
Date/Start Time: March 2nd  2019 / 9am start
Game Era: WWIII - Team Yankee
Event Type: 93 points per player
Description: Battle plan mission (More Mission Pack)
Cost/Entry Fee:  Free/player             
Contact Name:   Lance Mathew  Contact Phone #:306-530-4369
Archive of Flames of War League / Re: Demo: Redline Hobby Day [02/02/2019]
« Last post by Lance on February 14, 2019, 08:20:48 AM »
Was bitterly cold that day  :(
- T28 turrets hit the floor (every time - I swear - I do a demo the one or two tanks I don't have magnetized are the ones everyone wants to look at the belly of the tank...)  :giving-up:
- handed out a few FoW business cards which have our Facebook address as well as my e-mail  :8)
- posted a few up and coming events  :pirate:
- checked out the new Redline location (great looking place!)  :excited
- stay tuned for more demos and tournaments  :aha:
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