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Brought to you by

What: Prairie Game eXpo XVI
Where: Core Ritchie Community Centre
445 14th Avenue
Regina, SK  S4N 3C3
(Corner of 14th and Lindsay Street)
(Use the Prince of Wales library entrance)

When: Saturday, May 11th, 2019. Starts at 9:00 AM. Clean up starts at 8:30 pm!
Who: Anyone interested in playing boardgames & miniature based games.
Why: Life is Short; Play Games!
Cost: This is a FREE event!

Here are some direct links to the game schedule:
Learn To Play
BoardGame Tournaments
Miniature Games
Game Designer's Corner
Role-Playing Games

Kitchen will be run by Al Ritchie Community Association.
CASH ONLY for food and drink. Breakfast, lunch and supper served! No outside food permitted in the venue.

Prairie Game eXpo is made possible thanks to the help of volunteers. This thread is to help schedule volunteers running the Prairie Game eXpo.

New for this PGX all Volunteers will receive an extra opportunity to win in the game prize draws.

Registration Table Schedule
Role: Welcoming attendees, making sure everyone signs the log book, answering questions.

9am - 10am: tlh878 (Tamara)
10am - 11am: JRobot4 (Jason)
11am - 12pm:  Naardmund (Gary)
12pm - 1pm: Puzzler (Christine)
1pm - 2pm: Mike McC.
2pm - 3pm: bboileau (Brad B)
3pm - 4pm: Standstrong4u (Rosemarie)
4pm - 5pm:  trimmer (Darrin)
5pm - 9pm: Open doors. We ask that all ambassadors keep watch for people in need.

Learn to Play
Role: Teaching easy / accessible games to people. "Learn to Play" is a PGX initiative to help introduce new games to PGX attendees. We will have three time slots available, with two games offered in each time slot. We would like one, perhaps two volunteers for each game in each time slot. Game teachers will teach a single game to groups of people over a two-hour block. Please contact us here if you're interested.

10-12 - Blue Lagoon (Mike McC.)
10-12 - Tiny Epic Galaxies (Christine)
12-2 - Ticket to Ride: Europe (Jesse)
12-2 - Sagrada (Rosemarie)
2-4 -
3-5 - Wasabi (Brad B)

Please let us know if you are able to lend a hand at Prairie Game eXpo. Please reply to this forum.

:scrab-p :scrab-r :scrab-i :scrab-z :scrab-e :scrab-s

Thanks to the following people won the door prizes and received them at the event:

Early Bird Draw for That's a Question!: Jilly
Early Bird Draw for Zooscape: trimmer

Attendance / Volunteer Draw for Piratoons: Krazzy

All prizes will be available for pick up at the South Albert ComicReaders location after Monday January 21st! Congratulations!

Prairie Game Expo Recap


BOARD GAMES PLAYED: Gans Schon Clever, Pandemic: The Cure, Arkham Horror (3rd Edition), Battlestar Galactica Battles, Istanbul: Dice Game, Reef, Keyforge, Flame Rouge, Fallout, Lite Up, Takenoko, Nyctophobia, Tichu, Terraforming Mars, Lovecraft Letter, Catan, La Granga: No siesta, Spirits of the Forest, Brass, Dead Man's Draw, Kemet, Crusaders, The Thing: Outpost 31, Paper Tales, Azul: Stain Glass of Sintra, Patchwork, Sagrada, Hive, Isle of Skye, Kingdomino, Animal Upon Animal, Clank!, Ticket to Ride, Cockroach Poker, tummple!, Azul, Port Royal, Forbidden Island, Istanbul, Hanabi, Hamsterolle, Dominion, Villa Paletti, Tsuro, Photosynthesis, Pandemic: Fall of Rome, No Thanks! & more! (Please let us know what you played that I missed recording!)

RPGS PLAYED: Pathfinder, Starfinder, Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

MINIATURE GAMES PLAYED: Warhammer 40K, Gaslands, Star Wars Legion

(1) 112 attendees.
(2) Big thanks to anyone who taught games at Prairie Game Expo-- whether you were an official Prairie Game Expo Ambassador or an attendee kind enough to invite people to your table.
(3) It was good to see so many people out on a miserable, cold & snowy Sunday.
(4) Special thanks to SaskGames, Al Ritchie Community Centre, & Core Ritchie Community Centre.

Also, if you have any thoughts or feedback about these events, send an email to

 :scrab-t :scrab-h :scrab-a :scrab-n :scrab-k :scrab-blank :scrab-y :scrab-o :scrab-u

A big thanks to everyone who attended our 15th PGX and those who chipped in to make PGX a success!

Special thanks to the following volunteers: Davey, John W, Lori, Jason V, Jim, Nikki, & Rosemarie. And everyone who helped with teardown!

A big thank you to Al Ritchie Association for running the canteen!

PGX wouldn't have been possible without the hard work of the PGX planning committee and SaskGames executive: Brad, Chad, & Mike. Thanks guys!

We had 13 people for the tournament. Wendy Johnson took it all. She stomped us. Like, stomped us good.  ;)

SaskGames Event - Prairie Game eXpo - Regina / Re: Future PGX Dates
« on: January 18, 2019, 11:32:10 AM »
2019 dated added!

Saturday, May 11, 2019 for 9am - 9pm. Confirmed.

Saturday, September 21, 2019 for 9am - 9pm

I'm not sure if my schedule will allow me to spend much time at PGX, but I have a copy of Ganz Schon Clever I can drop off for the tournament.

That would be great! Thank you.

Archive of Marketplace Items / Re: Games for sale
« on: January 17, 2019, 02:59:51 PM »
I'm interested in Ticket to Ride card game $10.00


GAME: Cryptid
TEACHER: Dana Tillusz
START TIME: 6:30 pm
DURATION: 60 minutes
1. Dana
2. Lori

:excited :scrab-p :scrab-r :scrab-i :scrab-z :scrab-e :scrab-s  :excited

To help encourage sign up and attendance, we will be giving away free games: Piratoons  :excited

Rules are easy:
1) You must post on this thread to sign up for a game, run a game, or just let us know you're attending.
2) You must attend the event and sign our log book with your SaskGames I.D.

Bonus entry to draw:
1) Schedule a game on the forum with open spots for sign-up.
2) All Volunteers will get a bonus entry (Table registration, Learn to Play, and event set up). We appreciate all the help!

We will randomly determine all winners after the event and let the winner know they've won. We will announce all winners in this forum.


We will also be giving away That's a Question! & Zooscape.

We will be giving away Zooscape & That's a Question at 12:00pm. To win you must be signed into the log book, and have made a post of this thread saying you're coming out, running a game, or signing up for an event! You must write your SaskGames I.D. in the logbook to qualify.


GAME: Takenoko
TEACHER: Dana_Tillusz
DURATION: 60 minutes
1. Dana T

GAME: Trajan
TEACHER: Dana_Tillusz
START TIME: 8:00 pm
DURATION: 120 minutes
1. Dana
2. Lori
3. Jim (to confirm)
4. zeker (to confirm)

Newly added:


Ganz schön clever / Très futé! Tournament

WHEN: Sunday January 20, 2019
WHERE: Prairie Game eXpo
DURATION: 90-120 minutes

There are 2 rounds to the tournament. They consist of:
- 1 Preliminary Round (4 tables of 4 people) -- each person will play 2 games
- 1 Championship Round (1 table of 4 people)

Tournament Format

The Preliminary Round will consist of 4 tables with 4 players. Players will play 2 games in the preliminary round. The player with the combined highest score over two games at each table will qualify for the Championship Round.

PRIZES: Tournament winner receives a PGX Champion mug

Time limit: No game will go longer than 30 minutes. Final determination will be based on number of victory points total among games played in a round.

If we do not make our 16 player roster we will make amendments on the fly.


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