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I'll jump into Ark Nova


GAME: Cascadia
DURATION: 45-60 Min

Cascadia is a puzzly tile-laying and token-drafting game featuring the habitats and wildlife of the Pacific Northwest.

In the game, you take turns building out your own terrain area and populating it with wildlife. You start with three hexagonal habitat tiles (with five types of habitat in the game), and on a turn you choose a new habitat tile that's paired with a wildlife token, then place that tile next to your other ones and place the wildlife token on an appropriate habitat. (Each tile depicts 1-3 types of wildlife from the five types in the game, and you can place at most one tile on a habitat.) Four tiles are on display, with each tile being paired at random with a wildlife token, so you must make the best of what's available — unless you have a nature token to spend so that you can pick your choice of each item.

Ideally you can place habitat tiles to create matching terrain that reduces fragmentation and creates wildlife corridors, mostly because you score for the largest area of each type of habitat at game's end, with a bonus if your group is larger than each other player's. At the same time, you want to place wildlife tokens so that you can maximize the number of points scored by them, with the wildlife goals being determined at random by one of the four scoring cards for each type of wildlife. Maybe hawks want to be separate from other hawks, while foxes want lots of different animals surrounding them and bears want to be in pairs. Can you make it happen?
I will have some other shorter "filler" games with me if there is interest.

Marketplace / Re: Games for Sale (Regina)
« on: July 08, 2022, 01:00:05 PM »
Tsuro bundle too please

Marketplace / Re: Games for Sale (Regina)
« on: July 08, 2022, 12:56:48 PM »
I will take Pitchcar Mini stuff and Dr. Microbe please

Please cancel Project L. Kristy invited me to join Everdell as a 5th player...

GAME: Project L
DURATION: 45 Minutes

I will have a few other lighter games with me as well.

GAME: Project L
DURATION: 45 Minutes

I will have a few other lighter games with me as well.

Marketplace / Dedicated Group on Facebook to Buy/Sell/Trade Games
« on: January 10, 2022, 12:44:21 PM »

I set up a dedicated group on Facebook to Buy/Sell/Trade board games and board game related items. This is modeled after a couple of other cities doing this very successfully. I wanted to extend the invite to those of you with Facebook accounts to check it out. It is fairly new but rapidly gaining momentum...

I was shocked and saddened to learn of Miles' passing. Miles was a constant presence at SaskGames events when I used to attend ChewsDay Challenge, PGX, and Play with Your Food. He embodied the values we established for the gaming community when we started SaskGames: Welcoming, friendly, inclusive. It is a big loss for our community and he will be missed. I know he will be missed at our BixCON Away Gaming Retreat in Montana as well.

Thank you Lori for posting this memorial and giving the community a place and opportunity to pay tribute. Kathy and I send our deepest condolences to Miles' family and friends.

This is a reminder that "Life is Short; Play Games!".
Connect with others and cherish moments and laughter shared.


Yo Local Gaming Peeps.

Added some items to the sale pile and reduced some prices. Will negotiate pricing if buying multiple items.

Click LINK to find an up to date list of all items I am selling along with prices.

Thanks for looking.


Huh? You have a question Lance?


Three and a half years later, I am happy (and sad) to report that the entire collection will be heading out of province in a couple of months. First I have to go get 30 packing boxes.
(It has been a great run with HeroScape and it certainly rekindled my passion for boardgames. I am glad the collection will be going to a home that will see it get played).

Archive of Marketplace Items / Re: For Sale - Wings of Glory WWII
« on: April 07, 2021, 12:22:55 PM »
Down to a handful of items left for Wings of War / Wings of Glory WWII.

Here is what is left along with the Fair Market Value. FMV was in $USD and I am selling in CDN$. Take everything and the price is cut in half. Great deal if you are looking to get into this game or expand your collection.

$40: Fire from the Sky Box Set - (New in shrink)
$80: WW2 Starter Set (with 4 miniature planes, rules, markers, etc) - (Opened but unpunched)
$16: Wings of War Series I WW17h GRUMMANN F4 F-3 MARTLET BLACK (New in Shrink)
$35: Wings of Glory WGS302A NORTH AMERICAN B-25B MITCHELL DOOLITTLE (New in Shrink)
$17: Wings of Glory WGS106A SPITFIRE MK.IX BEURLING (New in Shrink)
$17: Wings of Glory WGS106B SPITFIRE MK.IX JOHNSON (New in Shrink)
$16: Wings of Glory WGS107B P-51D MUSTANG SAKS (New in Shrink)
$16: Wings of Glory WGS107C P-51D MUSTANG ELLINGTON (New in Shrink)
$16: Wings of Glory WGS101A CURTISS P-40E WARHAWK HILL (New in Shrink)
$15: Wings of Glory WGS103A KAWASAKI KI-61-1B NAKANO (New in Shrink)
$20: Wings of Glory WGS201B BEAUFIGHTER MK.IF HERRICK (New in Shrink)
$25: Wings of Glory WGS202A BF-110 C-4 SCHUPP (New in Shrink)
$25: Wings of Glory WGS202B BF-110 C-7 CHRISTIL (New in Shrink)
$25: Wings of Glory WGS202C BF-110 C-4 RADUSCH (New in Shrink)
$50: Wings of Glory WGS301B HEINKEL HE.111 H-5 1./KG53 (New in Shrink)
$35: Wings of Glory WGS302B NORTH AMERICAN B-25C MITCHELL BAUER (New in Shrink)

Take everything and the price is $220CDN 

Hi Matt, I'm looking for play testers re a game about cavemen.
PM Sent

Game Discussion / GIGA-Terraforming Mars
« on: March 11, 2021, 01:26:44 PM »
Hello Fans of Terraforming Mars

This game continues to hit the table often in our house / our group. There are a number of us interested in getting a professionally printed copy of the collection of Fan Created expansion material.

The GIGA-Terraforming Mars project is a pure labour of love on behalf of a number of dedicated fans. It combines some of the best fan created material into one package. The GIGA map and included expansions have got a lot of attention and plays so they are well designed, balanced, and play tested.

Apparently the designer of TM has a copy of the GIGA map printed and on display at their corporate office!!!

At this point, it appears I have 5 of us interested in getting this produced. There are a lot of cards, tiles, and a map to print so it is a bit of work coordinating. That is why is makes sense to get multiple copies done at the same time.

You can read more about this project here:

If you would like to be a part of this group effort, please let me know. It will not be cheap; but it will be epic!

Hello all.

Pretty quiet in here.

I thought I would let you know that we have established a private website discussion forum area for our board game design efforts. The site allows for concepts and outlines to be posted and fleshed out in greater detail as designs take shape. Currently there 13 designs posted in various stages. Many are open for collaboration, or you could simply add your own. I will say that most of the designs are currently a hobby approach and nothing that is commercially focused.

If you would like to get involved in any capacity, please reach out to me in Private Message here and I will work to get you set up as a member.

Cheers all,

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