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Unless otherwise noted, all items are shrink wrap removed, but complete and unplayed, with unpunched, intact components.

If you are not that keen on parting with your hard earned money for some obscure older titles, BUT also have some games that you are planning to put up for adoption soon, consider sending me a list of what you would be willing to trade for any titles you are interested in. Thanks!

(Note: List has been updated and remaining items have reduced prices.)

Ascension at Firepeak - $5 (House of Slack Games - 2001) Card game of assembling fantasy creatures (b&w illustrations) into a power structure pattern with liberal doses of combat and magic.

Battle Grid - $7 (Zeno Games - 2002) Simple multi-player close quarters combat game. Good for play with older children. (2 copies available)

Bram Stoker's Dracula TBG - $10 (Leading Edge Games - 1992) Multi-player horror game based on the movie.

Cults Across America  - $10 (Atlas Games - 1998) Tongue in cheek conspiracy slug-athon of Cthulhu intrigue.

Dallas - $10 (Yaquinto Publications - 1980) Business game of high finance, stock holdings and blackmail, based on the TV show.

Little Italy - $5 (Playroom Entertainment - 2007) Used but excellent condition Reiner Knizia dice game of money drops & dodging cops.

Material World - $10 (Strange Magic Games - 1995) Pre WWI world conquest game of resource management and route building. (2 copies available)

Confirming for Spirits of the Rice Paddy at 8:30.

Sign me up for Spirits of the Rice Paddy please!

GAME TITLE:Alcatraz the Scapegoat
URL: Alcatraz: The Scapegoat

Barry I am putting you in as you asked about this game last week. Confirm your spot please.

Bryce, thanks for posting the game and adding my name. I am confirming my attendance for the game here.

I would definitely like to be part of the Lewis & Clark expedition. Thanks!

I'll take a player slot for Shadow of the Sun please.

Please add me to the motley crew for Castaways.

And Barry Ellis did u want to play baseball highlights 2045 after St Petersburg is done?

I should be there by 8:00 so that should be OK. Thanks!

Please add me to Scoville.

I'd like to enlist in the playing of Shinobi WAT-AAH! Thanks!

Wat-Aahhhhh! Wat-Aahhhhh! (Sorry, I'm just trying to toughen up myself mentally, and to increase my thirst for power. I know I am still weak.)

Please add me to Viticulture.

Please add me to Seasons.

I'd like to grab that last spot in Mysterium, if it's still available. Thanks!

Sign me up for Fresco please.

Please add me to the list of players for Ra.

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