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Game Discussion / Here I Stand - anyone looking to play?
« on: May 31, 2018, 11:28:57 AM »
I had the privilege of playing Here I Stand this winter and I would love the chance to play it again.  I have a copy of the new reprint and would gladly teach anyone interested.  Speaking of which. . . is anyone interested?  More info about the game can be found here:

Some requirements:
6 players - it doesn't really play well with less
A whole day
Probably in Regina?

I don't really have a date in mind but just wanted to see if anyone else is interested in playing this game.

Hot on the heels of the 4th annual Regina MegaGame, my PWYF team is shamelessly stealing their fundraising idea, by running our own MegaGame in Saskatoon!  The game will be Watch the Skies, and you can find all the information at this link:

The event will be $25 and all proceeds will go towards the PWYF initiative.

See YOU there!

Hot on the heels of the 4th annual Regina MegaGame, my PWYF team is shamelessly stealing their fundraising idea, by running our own MegaGame in Saskatoon!  The game will be Watch the Skies, and you can find all the information at this link:

The event will be $25 and all proceeds will go towards the PWYF initiative.

See YOU there!

Game Discussion / Events in Sasktoon in August/September?
« on: May 16, 2018, 10:46:40 AM »
Hello Saskatoon folks,

I'm in the early stages of planning a fundraiser and want to make sure I stay away from other events.  Does anyone know what gaming related events are already planned for Saskatoon in August/September?

I know that there's ToonCon but am unsure what the 2018 date is?

Thanks to everyone who organized the event (not THE EVENT that caused the end of the world. . . ) and worked hard to make it an amazing experience.

My experience, for those interested:

Everyone on my team had never played a MegaGame before and we had a great time.  The three of us were in charge of one of three regional 'Silver Commands' - essentially something at about the municipal level or a little higher.  We had a civil authority guy, a military guy, and I was the chief constable of the police. We decided to really get into the game and all came dressed to the nines in army fatigues, police uniforms, and a suit for our 'mayor'.  This added to our experience as we all love the roleplaying aspects of gaming.

Upon arrival, everyone was busy setting things up and so we took the opportunity to discuss how we would start.  We decided to focus on getting food and water going, as well as prepare for an eminent influx of refugees from the surrounding areas into our two main "Community Safe Zones" - towns essentially. 

The game started with a radio message from "Crazy Bill" - an ex-pat American stuck in Britain after THE EVENT that caused all this.  He was played very well and it was always entertaining hearing what he had to say. His broadcast seemed to always be anti-establishment, which didn't help us when we finally met other survivor groups later on in the game.

The first couple turns were a little shaky, both with rules, figuring out what to do, and how things actually worked in the game.  This was perhaps the only area that I think could have been improved.  We had a decent idea of how things worked but it would have been nice to have a twenty minute-ish quick explanation of the rules.  We did get sent PDFs beforehand though so I think everyone had more or less read these and understood things, it would have just been nice for a quick refresher.

We eventually got Water Treatment Plants up and running, a quarantine zone, farms setup, neighbourhoods rolling - life was good in the safe zones.  BUT try and tell that to the dirty scavengers outside.  They all thought we were some sort of evil empire or something, and all dealings with the teams that controlled them didn't lead to any meaningful cooperation.  It was their loss.  By the end of the game we had good working relations with the other Silver Command teams and had started bringing survivors to Justice. . . Resistance was not tolerated. . . We basically genocided one team, but they had also killed all their elderly and according to our intel, their children too (although it turned out that was false).  Dirty savages.  Had the game went another turn or two we were going to issue similar orders to bring the other survivors to the safe zones whether they liked it or not.

One funny story - we sent a request to Gold Command for a Fuel Truck.  But, through some miscommunications and then just to be funny, they sent us a Taco Truck. . . but it had no Tacos!  We ended up using it as a mobile swat van but it got destroyed along with our lone gunmen style detective Dusty Sanchez when we raided the base of the above mentioned genocided survivors.  Poor Dusty.

I highly recommend to anyone to give this a try!  It was a ton of fun!

Game Discussion / Video - Top 3 Alternatives to Monopoly
« on: April 04, 2018, 02:15:00 PM »
I would assume that most of you don't play much Monopoly these days, but if you do, and you want to be convinced to the contrary, I present:

Definitely going to look into that!

Gloomhaven . . . which I generally only have a problem with the setup but last night was really 'sloggy'.

I was wearing my "Keep Calm and Game on" shirt from PWYF.  The game certainly went on and on and on...

Archive of Marketplace Items / Board Game Passive Aggressive T-Shirt
« on: March 08, 2018, 10:48:15 AM »
Hey Guys and Gals,

I had a real slogfest last night and it inspired me to create a t-shirt, sort of as a way to vent...  :) 

Anywho, you can find the shirt here if you're interested!

Thanks, seems like something cool to listen to while I pretend to work at work!

I looked into "Carrying the Tools to Britain", it's made by the CBC for gosh sakes!

Thanks for sharing this, I'm enjoying hearing some familiar folks call in :)

Archive of Play with Your Food / Re: PWYF in the News!
« on: October 23, 2017, 12:39:13 PM »
A clip of me and others playing secret hitler, thankfully they didn't have audio in the clip....

"YOU'RE a fascist!!"

Archive of Play with Your Food / Top 5 PWYF moments
« on: October 23, 2017, 09:54:16 AM »
Hey folks,

Just thought I'd make a thread for people to share their "Top 5" Moments from PWYF!

1. Hearing that we had reached the goal of $35000!  - I'll be honest that I had my doubts that the goal would be reached this year, but it looks like everyone buckled down, dug deep, and hit that goal!
2. Playing our 'Hexagame" - 6 games at once that you rotate through (mostly dexterity type games)
3. Playing Captain Sonar with my team against another team.
4. Playing an epic game of Kremlin that saw the untimely death of the folk hero "Moysee Nicotine".  (I guess you had to be there??)
5. Seeing myself on CTV in the background of their news story, playing Secret Hitler.

What are YOUR top 5 moments??

Archive of Play with Your Food / Can we bring Food into the event?
« on: October 20, 2017, 09:05:47 PM »
I seem to remember from previous years that we can’t bring in food, is that still the case?

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