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If there is any room left, please slot me in to play Lost Ruins of Arnav please.

Looks like that one is full!

Game Discussion / Re: Apex Theropod Deck Builder
« on: April 18, 2022, 09:07:14 AM »
Hi Brad - pretty sure Dana owns it, or at least used to own it so maybe he can give you a review?

Can you believe it will be 751 days since our last Chewsday Challenge?

How many people have gotten married or divorced, had a baby, changed jobs, moved, or given up on playing board games in public in all that time?

Feel free to chat or schedule a game.

Welcome back!

Hello, everyone!

At the beginning of the year, Matt Robertson, who many know was instrumental in the creation of SaskGames and Play With Your Food, asked if SaskGames would consider returning the use of the "Play With Your Food" event-name and branding to him. He stated that the original event, before SaskGames, was an homage to the memory and legacy of his mother. Matt wrote, "One of her last acts of charity before passing was baking cookies that she delivered in person to Souls Harbour Rescue Mission and I want the name and brand to continue that legacy." The executive agreed, and "Play With Your Food" will no longer be the name used for SaskGames fundraising.

Since SaskGames has shifted to a broader, more community-based charity, we will re-brand our initiative accordingly. It's been a long delay, but once we are able to start holding events again we will re-establish our fundraising program to better suit this community approach. We look forward to your support in our endeavours to continue the important legacy of helping vulnerable people in and around Regina.

SaskGames has evolved considerably since its beginnings, and we are proud of the inclusive, supportive environment that we have built together.  While it's been difficult not having a home for our regular events since the pandemic began, rest assured we will be back!  We're not going anywhere.  We fully intend to resume events the moment that we're able, and we appreciate your patience while we work behind the scenes to make this happen.  We are as eager as you are to get back to public gaming!

Archive of Marketplace Items / Re: Games for Sale in Regina!
« on: March 15, 2022, 04:05:10 PM »
Hey Chad - I'd be interested in Santa Monica.

Archive of ChewsDay Challenge / Re: Update: Chewsday Challenge & Covid 19
« on: February 14, 2022, 10:35:45 PM »
We’ve been in touch with Boston Pizza several times, and although they will welcome us back at some point, they haven’t been ready to green-light us yet. As soon as we have a date we’ll let everyone know.

SaskGames Event - ChewsDay Challenge - Regina / Remembering Miles Dormuth
« on: September 18, 2021, 12:08:23 AM »
We are sad to announce the passing of our friend and longtime SaskGames member, Miles Dormuth.
Miles was diagnosed with ALS about 9 months ago and passed away at age 60 on Thursday, September 16th.

The funeral will be held at Speers Chapel on Wednesday, Sep 22nd at 10:00.

Miles was an early member of the SaskGames family, joining the forums nearly eight years ago on October 25, 2013. He attended his first Chewsday Challenge on November 2nd, 2013 and had been a steady presence ever since. We started tracking all of our members' attendance in 2015 and Miles was up to nearly 300 nights of gaming at the event. He also participated in PrairieGameXpo on 15 occasions and helped in our fundraising efforts at Play With Your Food for 6 years.

Miles was a quiet and soft-spoken person but always kind.  It sometimes felt like it took a little time to get to know him, but once you did, he was easy to like.  He was always curious and always seemed to enjoy playing a game, no matter what it was and no matter how well he did.  He was also the type of person where it seemed you could want to play almost any game and he'd be willing to give it a try.   

He was a big fan of Catan (and especially Catan Germany) and as his gaming knowledge grew, he got into more and more eurogames.  A couple of his favourites were Grand Austria Hotel and Ulm.  Most recently, he was really enjoying the co-operative trick-taking game The Crew with us.

Miles was a really great sport about learning games. It seemed that whenever we had him over to play a game, it was always something new, so he got into the habit of looking up the game rules or checking for a YouTube video on how to play so that he'd be a bit prepared before I started to teach the game. After the game ended, I'd always ask him how he liked it and he'd always take several seconds to ponder the experience before telling us what he thought (usually positive). One of the last times we played, he said he really liked all the games we played together but it would be nice to win one once in a awhile!

In May of 2019, Miles joined Jim and me at the BoardGameGeek Spring convention held in Dallas, Texas. We played dozens of new games at the event and got to have dinner with a few new people from all over the United States. Miles didn't have a cell phone, so we always made plans to meet in the morning to begin our gaming day, and even though we played until late at night, he was always eager to get started again the next day. We played 44 games during that convention which meant there were so many rules to learn, but it was fun to be there and try all the new releases, including the kids' games nominated for the annual KinderSpiele des Jahres prize.  (Miles got a big kick out Christian, the Spiel des Jahres judge, who taught all of them to us.) The three of us enjoyed the convention so much that we were literally the last people gaming on the last day!  (See photo.)  (Because the convention was cancelled in 2020 and 2021 because of the pandemic, we are still the last BGG Spring gamers until next May.)

Miles really enjoyed traveling, and had been to Germany and China in recent years. In September 2020, Miles, Jim and I along with several other SaskGamers were planning to take part in a boardgame cruise to Japan. I know he was really looking forward to it and we'd been talking about some of the games we'd like to play while we spent two weeks crossing the Pacific Ocean. Unfortunately, COVID-19 cancelled our excursion so we never got to experience that together. I'm sure it would have been unique!

Miles retired a few years ago from his job as a bus mechanic.  Earlier in his life he worked for the family trucking business, maintaining International trucks.  Miles was so captured by the character of these old trucks that he bought a couple and was in the process of restoring them.

When the pandemic suspended so much normal activity (including Chewsday Challenge), I'm sure Miles must have been disappointed.  We reached out to him a few months after it began to see if he'd be comfortable entering our social bubble and gaming regularly with us.  For a few months he came over every week or so and we enjoyed lots of different games.  It was a real pleasure to have him in our home and to get to know him better. We're definitely going to miss him but we're glad we have these memories of some special times spent gaming with him.

Please share your own memories of Miles in the comments below.
 ~ Lori & Jim


Photos provided by Dana Tillusz, Jim MacKenzie and Matt Robertson

Archive of Marketplace Items / Re: Games for Sale in Regina!
« on: August 24, 2021, 07:15:39 PM »
I'll take Exit: The Deserted Lighthouse. I'll PM you.

Seller indicated this has been sold.

Archive of ChewsDay Challenge / Chewsday Challenge - Fall Return
« on: July 07, 2021, 08:51:57 AM »
Hi Everyone!

The exec has made the decision to resume Chewsday Challenge after Labour Day.

I know some of you will be disappointed, while others will be more comfortable with a longer buffer after restrictions have been lifted, but in the end we felt more confident with a September return.  We'll look to have a new schedule up by mid-August  and will let everyone know if we will have any changes to our protocols for our September start.

In the meantime, MikeMcC will be getting in touch with our ambassadors, so if you are a current ambassador please watch the staff section, or if you're interested in becoming an ambassador please reach out to Mike.

Thanks for your patience and enjoy your summer!

Hi Carlos, great news about getting vaccinated, sounds like I'm on the same schedule as you!

No updates yet. We will need to be restriction-free in Saskatchewan before making decisions about Chewsday Challenge starting up again and of course we will need to work with Boston Pizza and any policies they may have in place regarding our return.

I urge everyone to get vaccinated, as that's the best path we have toward getting a re-start date. It will be so great to see everyone again!

Thank you for the update.    I have an idea I would like to run by the committee especially if Chewsday Challenge is not starting up relatively soon.    It is a way to continue Tuesday gaming but doing it online.  If someone can contact me that would be great.

Rosemarie, you can send a private message to me and to MikeMcC.

Archive of Marketplace Items / Re: Looking for Unlock games
« on: June 30, 2020, 11:47:07 AM »
I have Unlock: Tombstone Express to move along.             

Game Discussion / Re: Game Teachers
« on: June 29, 2020, 07:18:34 PM »
The Robinson Crusoe segments were spot on!

Yeah, I had a good laugh over those sections.

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