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Ugh, please remove me from Photosynthesis. I thought I could make it, but I can't.

Please sign me up for Photosynthesis!

Please sign me up for Photosynthesis!

I would suggest lotion and a change of shoes.

GAME TITLE: Talisman with Blood Moon, City, Dungeon, Frostmarch, Highland, Reaper, Woodland and Sacred Pool expansions with elements from other expansions
TEACHER'S NAME: Jennifer / Parker
START TIME: 9:30am
DURATION: 3 hours
1. Jennifer
2. Parker

3 hours is going to be a hard stop time, if it gets that far.

It is highly recommended that players are familiar with basic game play. A YouTube instructional video can be found here.

I am ABSOLUTELY interested in this. I will play every character, if necessary.

At previous PWYF I've run midnight Ultimate Werewolf (once in a pirate costume) or my homebrew social game based on John Carpenter's The Thing, suitably called The Thing.

My older son has been on my team in recent years and this year he is going to stay with me until 3:00am. He is also an experienced Ultimate Werewolf moderator, so he and I were wondering if there was any interest in a midnight Ultimate Werewolf this year.

At a school camping trip last year, he and I ran a 48 player game of Werewolf, where we each had a village of 24 players. One had werewolves among its villagers; the other village had vampires among its villagers. Each night vampires and werewolves feed as per usual, and in the morning there is the usual hanging (and burning), but there is also an exile, where someone from one village is kicked out and has to go join the other village.  This can result in vampires in the werewolf village and vice versa, but also special roles moving between villages, and, most importantly, information and paranoia moving across. At the campground, we were far enough apart that neither village could hear what was going on in the other. The info only came with the exiles. We ran this 48 player, two village game in under 2 1/2 hours.

In order to run this at PWYF, we would need a minimum of 26 committed people; a max. of 48. This is an elimination game so your commitment is 30 minutes to 2 1/2 hours, depending on when you get eaten, hung / burned. You do not have to stick around if you get eliminated, but you are welcome to do so.

Due to the amount of preparation involved, we ask that if you are interested then please respond to this post. You can respond on behalf of your whole team. If we have the 26 people minimum then we will prepare and proceed. If not, no worries. It ain't everyone's cup of tea. The game would begin at midnight, so please plan your schedule accordingly.

One final note-- I am not familiar with the space in the new venue. If someone involved with PWYF knows the venue and thinks this large game requiring two distinct spaces would not be appropriate for this space then please let me know and we will not do this game.

I would also like to join the currently unposted, hypothetical game of Kremlin.

Hi was my previous message missed?
Thanks Morley

I am so sad. I missed it and I tried to sign up for the last spot just as you posted this.  :(

Archive of Play with Your Food / Re: HotDog Sale Sign-up
« on: September 03, 2019, 11:39:27 PM »
I'll sign up for the Sunday September 22 hot dog sale but because I've already done one, I will forfeit my spot if others want it.

Confirming for Pandemic.

Confirming for Pandemic.

I'm going to have to back out of tonight. Sorry team.  :shakefist:

Archive of Play with Your Food / Chit Disturbers Bake Sale Fundraiser
« on: August 13, 2019, 03:16:46 PM »

Items available:
- 12 cupcakes (white or chocolate) with whipped frosting (vanilla, chocolate, or pistachio)
- 12 earl grey short bread cookies
- 12 chewy chocolate chip cookies
- 1 8x8 pan of Rice Krispy treats

Each order of the above requires a donation and an additional $5 for expenses. Any surplus of expense dollars will be donated to Street Culture Project.

How it works:
- Contact me with your order of the items available and preferred pick up date
- Donate any amount in support of my team for the Play With Your Food event here:
- Pick up on your pick up date with $5 and you'll have your baking!

Pick up schedule:
Saturday August 24 & September 21 - Cupcakes
Saturday August 31 & September 28 - Earl Grey Shortbread
Saturday September 7 & October 5- Chocolate Chip Cookies
Saturday September 14 & October 12 - Rice Krispy squares

I will hop in on Miles' Century game! I thought I'd responded to Jason's but I guess I didn't.  :Urgh:

Archive of Play with Your Food / Re: HotDog Sale Sign-up
« on: August 10, 2019, 08:49:07 PM »
I'd like to sign up for Sunday September 1!

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