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Hi Jem,

I'd planned on running some sort of RP event - whether it's D&D, Star Wars (my preference is Edge of the Empire) or something completely different . . . . Champions anyone?!?

What do people want to play?

This old gaming fossil (my age could be counted in two digits when Star Wars was first released) is happy to dust of any number of RPG's and meet new players at PrairieCon. (I ran D&D last time)


Hey All,

RL has been limiting my available hobby time of late, making it more challenging for me to get into Regina for games

This coming weekend is bad, but the following weekend might work.


For D&D I can handle 6 or so players, last eXpo we ran the session for 4 hours and I think we had enough time (if any of the players have feedback on how long they'd like D&D to run let me know)

The only scheduling conflict would be that I'd like to play in either a Malifaux or Warmachine session (if either get scheduled)

Chad, will email you to see if you want this session to be a part of WotC's organized play program.


Sorry Hella,

Normally I'd jump at the chance to get a game or two in on a Sunday, but I have a friend visiting from out of town this weekend.

May 25th is a bit far out for me to confirm my availability (my schedule can fluctuate a lot) but if I'm free count me in.

Archive of Game Discussion / Re: Dungeons and Dragons 5E
« on: March 06, 2015, 11:44:24 PM »
Hi Lance,

The campaign never got started due to conflicting schedules

That said, I've been running a regular session most Wednesday nights (depends on my work schedule) at the new store (Game On) that recently opened in Moose Jaw.

If someone wants to get a game or two in, I can probably make myself available this Sunday.

I ran the D&D event at the last Prairie Game Expo and am willing to do so again for this one (unless my schedule unexpectedly conflicts with May 23rd) - assuming that people still want to have an old gaming fossil like myself GMing for them.

I should be available this Sunday if anyone wants to get a game in (really, Sat or Sun afternoons are the only times I can make it into Regina, if someone wants to make the drive to Moose Jaw I can host a game at my place during the week - just need to find the box where all my terrain is packed).

Mike, do I need to get in the four required games against four different opponents? I ask due to my limited availability to get into Regina to play.

 Monday and Tuesday are out for me, but I should be able to make the trip to Regina again this Sunday if someone wants to get a game or two in.

Edit - Results from my two league games last week:

A loss against Mike - Mei Feng vs. McMourning - VP's 5 to 8 
A win against Xander - McCabe vs. Wong - VP's 6 to 3

Both were great games

Not sure how many points everyone gets

I'll declare my faction as Ten Thunders

Masters - Mei Feng and (assuming my friend back in the 'Peg sends me the models I lent him before moving to SK in time) McCabe.

If they don't arrive will declare another master before playing a league game

I'm interested in the league - but Sunday isn't always the best day for me to make the trip into Regina (example - can't make it in this coming weekend).

I'll echo Mike and Chad's comments that for a miniature's game Malifaux has a pretty reasonable entry cost - $150 will get you the rule book, a fate deck (though you can use regular playing deck - the $10 is worth it because their fate decks look awesome) and two crew boxes.

Much like Warmahordes, any given faction plays differently when you choose a different master to head up your crew. Models in each faction can work for multiple masters.

The other two things I really like about Malifaux are using the fate deck instead of dice (cheating fate is a fun game mechanic) and that you declare your faction before a game, but build your crew after seeing what the mission and schemes are - this adds a whole new level of strategy as you can build to complete the mission or to stop your opponent.

Sunday Feb 8th should work for me getting down to the store - will declare a faction sometime next week (I have a lot of options, so will avoid treading on new players toes)


If anyone's interested I'd be happy to run a 5th Edition D&D session (or two)

I know there's a Pathfinder thing going on Saturday evening, but do you think you'd be up for doing a 5ed DND one shot Friday evening?  I'd love to try the system out

Friday night should work (unless I get caught late at work unexpectedly)

If anyone is interested post to this thread - once I have a handle on the number of players I can design a 1st level one shot session to give people an intro to the system.

If anyone's interested I'd be happy to run a 5th Edition D&D session (or two)

Is there a Pathfinder game or another Dungeons & Dragon's game happening?

That's it so far for D&D. I can place you on a waiting list if you like.

I would like that thank you and you can sign me up for the Starwars Age of Rebellion Roleplaying Game, please.

I can accomodate one more player at the table (if everyone is cool with it) just a matter of upping the difficulty of the various encounters a bit.

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