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I'm off travelling for reading week on the 14th so I would love to get some games in!! Would anyone like to play this week? Fire me a message! 501-8877

Hey everyone!

I'm Nathan and I will be losing as the imperial guard for the first two months until I'm allowed to take tanks. If anyone wants to play in January PLEASE personal message me as soon as possible because i am always down to play a game. Either at my place or comic readers both work.

My cell number is 306 501 8877 if you want to get a hold of me that way as well

Always a pleasure to play you! Labour Day tomorrow, who wants to break in their 2000 point list?

Has anyone else been having trouble getting games in this month? I would really like to play next week and I can make myself available for almost any time so give me a shout! 501 8877

Archive of Leagues / Re: Warhammer Fantasy Ladder League (spring, 2013)
« on: August 13, 2013, 03:03:13 PM »
I would love to get another game in this month!!! ANYONE??

I was incredibly lucky to take part in two wildly different games yesterday, as read above. Thanks so much for the game Maeson, you're a great opponent! And a huge thanks to Chad for demoing X-wing, I hope I get a chance to play again soon!

Happy Monday off everyone, anyone want to get in a game?

Looking for a 1500 point game this weekend, whose interesed??

I thought we just were supposed to play battle line games

I want to play some more!! I am free most days and nights this week and next so, get at me!!

Yea that's a great idea, I'll drag my army over there after work (around 3)

So I'm going to bring my army to the store today if anyone wants to get a game in around 1

Hey team anyone want to get a game in this week?? Call my cell 501 8877.

Would you like to play a game? (Assume Saw voice when reading) anyone interested in playing a round or two send me a message to my phone! 501 8877


So I am incredibly mediocre at painting Warhammer figurines and I am hoping I could find someone willing to paint (I can assemble) a high elves army to a pretty good level. (Doesn't have to be golden demon worthy but higher quality preferred). If anyone is interested I am willing to pay for the supplies as well as your time.


Archive of Marketplace Items / Re: Want to BUY: IOB Skaven
« on: June 06, 2013, 10:04:30 AM »

Yesterday I purchased the IOB kit and I only wanted the high elves miniatures. While I would be happy to trade for another set of IOB high elves.. If its going to be missing any pieces at all I am more than happy to just sell the skaven portion. Are you interested?


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