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Prince of Arnheim and I will be playing on sunday at 12 at comic readers if anyone else wants to come and get a game in.

Im looking for a game or 2 on the weekend, maybe right when the store opens.  Anyone interested?

Wedensday and thursday night I belive.

I work 1pm to 9pm monday to friday,  anyone who can game on that schedule or should i start rearranging my stat days for the next 4 months?

I need 2 chaos plasma guns,  will trade for bits.  Ihave nids stuff, SM stuff including forgeworld weapon bits (most MK4 weps and a couple for terminators), and from the DA term squads.

I have a quick question for chaos.  Are we required to paint our extra daemon prince and spawn in order to get artisan scores, or just our main army?

-I guess this pertains to any extra models that may be spawned but are not directly in the list. (Termagants, daemons, I don't know what else)

 Any imperial army is battle brothers with inq then tau and eldar are Allies of convienience i believe

Im still a little confused about the use of the inquisition codex.  It only requires 1 hq choice to be a detachment and has no troops.  How will this work with the ally rules?

Gw's advent calendar are adding formations to regular 40k

Looks like 4 of them
Tau: riptide and 6 broadsides
SM: Stormraven and 2 stormtalons
SM: Centurions(melee I believe)
SM: Reclusiam command squad

The rules have them added to any army, no FoC slot needed.

And what about the inquisitor codex as well?

Also are the new formations going to be part of it?

I would like to sign up.  Matthew Leir - Chaos Space Marines

Im hoping to get a game in this week before the deadline, my schedule is wide open for the week.  Email me at if you are interested.

Sounds good, was that this friday or next?

I have vacation time from this friday to next sunday.  If you want to play a game during that time (except tues. afternoon) email me.  I have 10 mins of gluing and 1000 is ready to play.

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