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I am looking for games for next week.  I am available anytime between and including Sunday the 15th and Saturday the 21st.  Send me a message and we can set something up.

Turns out I have a week off at the beginning of month 2 so I will sign up as Dark Angels, and just take points reset for month 1.  I do have a fellblade in the mail, so, unless Forgeworld screwed up my order, i will be using it as long as the league rules allow.  This tank with this army can be rediculously survivable, but, outside the tournament (if I make it) I will not be giving any legacies of glory, or be posting up in a corner with a powerfield generator behind it.

Dang, will be in red deer for the majority of the league :(.  However, I am going to be back in april and possibly on long weekends before then, so if anyone wants to practice against a LoW (fellblade) I'll post when I am available for games.

Looking for game on thursday.

Looking for a game on thursday.

I would like to sign up for the warhammer 40k tournament is this where I do it?

Looking for a game on the weekend, anyone interested?

I need to get a game in for this month here before it ends.  Anytime on the weekend (depending on how busy the store is) or monday are good for me.  Also i should have my 2000 pt put together aswell if you want to play one tuesday or later (cant do thursday :( )

Ok, no games this weekend at comicreaders, so I am lookingto schedule 2 games next weekend.  Anyone interested?

I'm looking for a game on saturday to start off at 1000 pts.  Ill be using a regular spacemarine to counts as my lord since this variation will not make another appearance (he'll use a regular bolt pistol instead of plasma pistol, otherwise is wysiwyg).

I played against Alex B and Mark D today at PGX.  I lost both games.  Both of their armies were painted while mine was not.

For PGX Im not really interested in a 500 pt tourney but I would like to get a couple or 3 league games played.  I should be available anytime that day.  Anyone interested?

Maeson if you drop the terminator with the reaper autocannon that should get you a cheap cultist squad to hide in the backfield.  Trade 1 of the weapons off each rhino (havoc launchers imo) and the chainfist to give 3 more combis to the terms.  Deepstrike with your lord, should be enough to kill whatever needs killing.

Mike L. And I are playing on saturday at 12:00 at comic readers.  I'm looking for another game to play that day, probably around 1:45 to 2:00

Played against maeson today at comic readers: thousand sons vs. world eaters (both unpainted)

Maeson (thousand sons) won 4-0 wiping my warlord and his unit off the table for firstblood and slay the warlord.  He then claimed 2 objectives.  At the end he had lost 2 rhinos and 2 rubrics while I lost all of my berserkers, my Lord and 4 CSM's.

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