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I’m down for a Thursday evening game.  I am actually available all day Thursday if anyone wants to play earlier.

I just scheduled a game for wed. Eve. about an hour ago.  I’ll be at the store at 5:15, ruadhain (Mike) is going to try for 5:30 but closer to 6:00.  I haven’t played anything but first strike so far in 8th so I don’t know how long 1000pts will take.

Well, I’ve been sick this week, it has put a bit of a slow on my army building, so for now, I am looking for games Thursday Jan.25, Saturday the 27th and Sunday the 28th.  Any interest, PM, email or text 3065331073

Edited for dates.
Edited for availability.

any SM players, I have 3-4 intercessors and 2-3 hellblasters from the dark imperium set that I won't be using if you want or need to bolster your numbers a bit.  I also have most of a MK 4 tac squad a land speeder and attack bike on sprue.  if you want them, let me know. 

I would like to sign up.  Matthew - - 306 533 1073 - Dark Angels

Looking for a game Thursday evening.

Looking for a couple games on Sunday and next Thursday.

I am as well
-dark Angels

I would like to sign up for this league

I had a game today, but it was cancelled.  Is there anyone else who wants to play today?

I'd like to put myself on the waitlist for the 40k tournament.

I could do saturday or sunday.

That works for me.

Prince of Arnheim I'm up for a game tomorrow(wed).  Thomsste I have games at 2 and 4 on thursday, but I'm sure I could fit one before or after.

I will do both of them.

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