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Interested if you are in Regina

I would like to demo Sergeant's Miniatures - later in the day, maybe the evening would be better. Need a 6' table and probably 2 hours with a good 30 to set up. Oh, and someone to play against lol - or we can choose a 4 player scenario which would be fun

I will join Kingdom Builder

I have Mice and Mystics and could bring out one week

Excellent Greylurker!

Hey Nik
Looks like no one is going to play D-Day Dice with me so I would be glad to play some 2 player with you if no one signs up to my game

Put me in for Lost Legends please

Game Discussion / Re: Gaming Humor
« on: May 26, 2014, 02:49:13 PM »

I would like to run D-Day Dice again, 4 players about an hour and a half starting at 6:30. I am also looking for someone to learn a game with me at 8:30, Quebec 1759, it is a block wargame - only a 2 player game.

Hey Chad
Have you seen the Ultimate Werewolf iOS timer they just came out with?

Hey Chad/Dana
I would like to run Boss Monster, maybe over an hour/ hour and a half - should be able to play a few games and introduce some people to the game. Not sure what time of the day, maybe morning,  as I would like to run Sergeant's Miniatures maybe in the evening as well, playing it through this Friday but I think if I use one of the small scenarios a couple hours will do.

I would be happy to run Boss Monster Marc - 6:30 work?
Also sign me up for Russian Railroads please

Add me to Lords of Waterdeep please

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